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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


And here’s a photo of me dressed as the Punisher with Rob Liefeld. Seems appropriate considering you being the one to reply this.


Woulda been a more appropriate photo if your hand was in your pocket.


I put my hair in a pony tail today for the first time ever and felt super cute



Only if there was brass in pocket.


I dont know if anyone has addressed this or not (I’m like 200 posts behind…)

But you seriously, seriously should consider getting this checked out with an EKG while its happening at an ER or urgent care if you havent done so already. You are describing (what might be) at least 2 pretty serious heart conditions (SVT and A-Fib with RVR if you want to look them up) both of which produce exactly the kind of symptoms you are describing, and can come-and-go (although the SVT usually does not go away on its own).

It very would could “just” be anxiety (as well as some other things), but you really should get that checked if you can. Maybe you have that new apple watch that does 2-lead EKG (its not great, but if it gets your rhythm checked its better than nothing).

In any event, I hope you figure it out.


Nice biceps!


I love clicking the little pencil when someone deletes their post so I get to read it anyway and possibly see why they deleted it.

There are no secrets here evil chuckle


Ha! I posted it, then realised “why the fuck am I bothering to tell anyone this” and immediately hit delete so you’ve only yourself to blame for reading something utterly mundane and pointless!


I don’t get overly hung up over rest periods between sets.


“Felt cute, I dunno…might delete later.”



I dunno, felt tone appropriate for TFFCF


Yeah it kinda is, but it’s also reminiscent of the diary-style social media updates that people make which annoy me. At this point I’m definitely not un-deleting it because anyone viewing this thread tomorrow is going to be burning with curiosity and that amuses me.


I can’t express myself on social media because my wife gets upset with me. Apparently I’m a jerk and it’s embarrassing. I can’t even share all of the T-Nation posts because it’s offensive to someone in her family. The posts like “I’ll do anything to lose weight except show any type of dietary restraint whatsoever” put me in the dog house. I’ll never understand why it’s offensive. If the shoe fits… eat it.


“I’ll do anything for/to/if” really just means “I want something that I feel I deserve regardless if I do what is needed to earn”. OR someone just fishing for someone to say “but you already are/have something”.


Really, the “I’ll do anything” bit is an example about why getting in/staying in shape is so rough; it doesn’t gel with our mindset. Being not fat is about NOT doing something: eating. You have to NOT eat, and then you get fit.

People talk about getting in shape, and right away it’s all about verbs. “I’m going to eat this thing and take this supplement and do this workout etc etc”, because they want action to be what causes the change, and as a result, they tend to overeat the “healthy” stuff and burn out/get hurt. It’s just hard for people to grasp that they have to STOP doing something.


Also sucks that you’ll pretty much have to be perpetually hungry and get discouraged that you don’t see results quickly.


Yup. I’ve told this story before, but I had a co-worker approach me one time. Dude had lost like 20lbs, looked good, was taking care of himself, but he said “Hey man, I gotta know: what do you eat so that you’re not just hungry all the time?”

And I looked at him blankly and said “I AM hungry all the time. It’s why I’m not fat.”

And it was like a revelation for him: someone gave him permission to be hungry.

I do think a big part of that is social media influence, where people try to sell “Lose weight, feel great, NEVER be hungry” or take pictures of decadent meals and pretend like it’s an every day thing. Although it’s also stupid for people to believe in social media anyway.


Very true. I see people killing themselves in the gym (especially this time of year) and I just think to myself, “It’s not necessary. You don’t have to be miserable every day in the gym.” I saw a girl in the work gym today who was huffing and puffing and doing a circuit style workout. I saw her doing the same thing and huffing and puffing the same amount about two months ago. I don’t think her physique has changed.

It’s possible that she fell off the wagon and I stumbled across her as she tries to reboot everything. It’s also possible that she is missing the point about foot and weight. As my wife says frequently (in jest, of course) “What you gotta do… is quit eatin fatty!”


Yup. The 1 hour you spend working out won’t undo the 23 hours you spend being fat, haha.


This conversation is so ass backwards for me. I have to force myself to eat enough, and have had to do so for 10 years to gain 60 pounds. I’m naturally a skin-and-bones person, and don’t need to eat much to feel full. My capacity for food has grown, but it’s still a struggle most days. Which brings me to my super controversial confession: I believe, and have believed for a long time, that it’s harder to go from super skinny to jacked than it is to go from fat to jacked. Fat people might have more fat, but they generally have more muscle mass than really skinny people, and gaining muscle is way slower and tougher than cutting fat, especially when you struggle to eat enough to even maintain your current LBM.