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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Take that back!


Your son is an intern there, i.e. working for free.

The least that place could do is give his father a free day to “check out the place where his son works”, hint, hint…


Fortunately, I didn’t have any money for that stuff when I was young. So I am unencumbered by any fond memories of such intellectually pernicious distractions. :smiley:


Watch Happy! And report back. I have a feeling it’s right up your ally. Trust me.


I don’t care if people in Asia don’t wipe, I’m not shooting cold water up my ass.


The Netflix movie, “The Package” is some messed up shit.

Just warning everyone.


I love John Malkovich in every role I’ve seen him. He is unintentionally and intentionally hilarious


I mean yeah in the states where workers don’t seem to have any rights then yes, probably, but intern isn’t necessarily synonymous with slave.

I got paid £1.2K a month and had my apartment paid for in my first non-freelancing job, which was an internship.


I did! Yeah I really liked it


It’s over 31 degrees celsius here. There’s no cold water…


In this case for only interning for a short time .He is required to complete certain amount of hands on hours for his one minor degree.


Continuing the discussion from [The
It might be a pet peeve of mine but i am beginning to see the humor of newbies . More specially the ones whom have no idea regarding training and nutrition and are begging for advice. With the joke being that they have done some gear and they aren’t getting the results they expected.


The argument that persuaded me is: you wash your hands with water.


It’s much like whiskey. All scotch is whiskey, but not all whiskey is scotch. You have bourbon, rye, etc.

All anime are cartoons like all manga are comics, but not all comics are manga and all cartoons anime.

Sidebar, most manga destroys traditional western comics. Since the 90’s comics went from a story telling medium to a display of artist’s showing off at the expense of character development and story arch(made worse by one particular artist who couldn’t draw hands or feet to save his life).

Life long marvel fan saying that Manga>Comics.


So based on your logic, what does that make hentai? Cartoon/comic or porn?


I dunno. What’s the term for horny kids undressing barbie dolls?


Early puberty


Who is that? I had a brief run with comics in tge 90s.


Rob Leifield.


I think scotch is a whisky.