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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Wow and I just started watching a TV series called Lucifer. Must be a sign from God.


In my defence it’s a very slow day at work.

Anyway I heard that God is the Alpha AND the Omega so I think I’ve found a way to consolidate these last two thread derails.


One of the few series I watch. When it’s good, it’s really good.


Well planning possibly doing a bench session where the oldest is doing his internship on Friday for the hell of it .:grin:


That’s good to hear. I’m at episode 3 and though I love the dialogue, I was afraid it’s just going to become a show where all they do is solve random police cases every episode with the biblical stuff taking a backseat.


It’s about every 3rd episode where it comes back around. It feels like they have a team of writers rotating in and out.


It does sometimes . But not as much as your afraid of.


I haven’t, may have to look into them, see if I can remedy this laziness, ha.


Mother Fucker! My son text me that it will run me .$20 for a single day open gym pass! Someone is overly proud of their establishment!


@T3hPwnisher @bulldog9899

I’ve watched Lucifer till the 6th episode and I’m seriously marveling at the amount of blasphemy they can get away with on TV nowadays lol. The thought of a kid in my catechism classes literally getting the shit slapped out of him by the old Catholic priest if he made a joke anywhere close to what’s on the show keeps popping in my head.


The thing is the show is actually based off of a DC comic property… loosely based I need to add.


I read an article about a decade ago about how people tend to report lower stress levels when they hug more. Similar to the effect of patting a pet.

I have interpreted this as a good way to aid recovery so whenever I have someone in my bed, I hug/hold them for 8 hours of sweet, sweet gainz recovery. Prior to this article I wasn’t a holder, I do not care for it.

Yesterday, I had a disagreement with the wife but I still do my hug in bed. She tells me today how much she appreciates that I always hold her.

I told her that I thought it is always important in a healthy relationship.



Is it good? I read the comics it’s a spin-off from and they were amazing.


I’m still waiting for any TV version of a comic or graphic novel to not be garbage or mediocre.

Daredevil season 1 & 3 and Happy! are the outliers. Those are brilliant.


It’s not bad but I wouldn’t know how it compares to the comics since I’ve never read an entire comic in my life. Which means I can’t even gauge how it may compare to the standard of a comic of this kind.

Lucifer’s self-referential one-liners are funny as hell(lol). The dude literally introduces himself to people as Lucifer Morningstar because he doesn’t lie. I like how he’s seeing a shrink because of his Daddy issues and she thinks he’s speaking in metaphors. The incredulous look on his face when one chick(the lead) doesn’t want to sleep with him seriously had me in stitches. Oh and the chick that plays his minion is so damn hot…


No love for Jessica Jones?





To be fair, it’s more of a graphic novel than a comic, if such a distinction even matters. It’s called Sandman by Neil Gaiman and is pretty fucking mindblowing, really.

I’ll check out Lucifer for sure.


Daredevil is by far the best thing Marvel has ever done. I liked season 2 better than season 1 though; way darker.



Graphic novels = comics
Anime = cartoons
Action figures = dolls