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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


It’s a Netflix movie that fails in every aspect of film making. However, if you find humor in unintentionally funny stuff, you might enjoy it. John Malkovich is funny as hell in it IMO.


I’m just gonna be a beta ghost and stake out the female bathrooms.


Haven’t deadlifted in months, the thought of loading and unloading off the floor is what keeps me from deadlifting now, and is a reason I didn’t write them into my workouts, flame free!


Approaching the movie like it’s a black comedy would have made it 10x better.


Ghosts aren’t spirits. I might believe that they are demons preying on people in times of weakness. The more people believe in ghosts, spirits, etc, the less they believe in God. It’s all part of the war between good and evil.

And it’s currently not really a war. Satan is in charge of the world. Sadly, he’s doing a pretty good job of convincing people that God doesn’t exist.


Surely the sort of person who believes in ghosts and spirits and whatnot is more likely to believe in God than someone who doesn’t?


I suppose (they could be likely to believe) if those people think they’re seeing angels, but that’s unlikely. Angels seem to have been obvious to people when they appeared in the Bible. Our relatives don’t turn into angels when they die so you’re not seeing them.

And I’m saying not saying that people don’t see something; in saying that they aren’t ghosts. You might be seeing something but it’s much worse than a ghost (in the traditional sense). It’s one of Satan’s fallen angels (Satan and his followers were cast out of heaven and are hiding here).

I guess my opinion (which matters very little) is that the more people believe in non - Godly things, the less they believe in God.

If you’re looking at Satan and believe it’s grandma then you’re being fooled. He is the ultimate deceiver. You don’t have to be a knowing follower of the devil. He just has to distract you enough to keep you from following God.


Ever consider topdown deadlifts? I always want to program them, but just don’t get around to it.


Psh if he doesn’t exist, how could he possibly be dead?


I just meant that if you’re open to the idea of ghosts/spirits existing then you’re open to the idea of life after death and it follows that you must also be open to the idea of a God.

It seems an odd train of thought for someone to believe in ghosts/an afterlife but think that God doesn’t exist.


One of my favourite books makes the argument that opinion (or belief) can be just as important as anything else. Belief can make things real that otherwise wouldn’t be.


Who said he’s dead?

That is true but as a Christian I believe God is the only path to heaven. Other religions believe their way is the only path.

Being open to the idea that God may exist isn’t the same as believing what I believe. I believe God/Jesus is the only path. He’s not one of many paths.

Very true. It’s belief that gives us the courage to stand our ground (on any topic).

I have strong beliefs on the topic of God and religion but I try to share it as my belief rather than brow beating people. It’s my truth (and I believe it’s the only truth) but telling you that you’re wrong and should do what I do isn’t the best way to convert people.


Nietzsche, and through him Zarathustra/Zoraster. Just another one of my philosophy nerd jokes.


I was under the impression that God is a Beast?


Even as a firm non-believer, it still like to see people who do believe, for reasons I can’t quite put into words.

There’s no way I’m going to try and debate religion with you though, I think the odds of us finding middle ground is remote.


I knew you were joking. And I believe I’ve seen shirts confirming Nietzsche’s death.

Debate starts out as two sides arguing their point with the goal of “winning”. For a topic such as this it’s the wrong approach. I think discussion and dialogue are better approaches.

And on that note…any further replies can/should be directed to my training log. If you thought the Alpha talk was a thread killer then just let this keep going lol


Haha Im glad someone said this early on.


That was pretty much what I was hoping to avoid, yes.


Yes, but some are born posthumously.


As soon as I posted I could see that people were writing responses. I was going to edit my first “reply” post to add that but I figured I’d let people finish typing.

It’s never a good sign when three people respond in a minute lol