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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I don’t get why my wife still tells me about her friend’s or relative’s latest alleged encounter with ghosts knowing that I don’t believe in ghosts, then gets upset when she asks my opinion and I tell her I don’t believe in ghosts.


The new series of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia isn’t very good.


I’ve only seen the first episode of the newest season and that one seemed right on brand.


I thought the Super Bowl episodes were great, and the final episode was super-weird but kind of awesome. None of the rest have especially stuck in my mind.


Same here man. I don’t believe in ghosts for two uncontested reasons:

  1. I find it while possible, highly improbable that in today’s environment there is no documented evidence. I want a clear, undoctored photo or video evidence. No shaky cam. Cell phone is fine.

  2. Every medium that does or ever has depicted or represented a ghost has them wearing clothes. If you are able to get me to suspend disbelief and accept that ghosts may exist, they sure as hell would not be wearing pants, or worse yet, ripped pants. It makes no sense. If it is a spectral projection of ones self or soul, why would clothing manifest as well. I get that giving Casper a wagging wang wouldnt be good for the movies, but when people who claim to describe seeing their dead relative and do not mention that they were naked, I don’t believe them.


Solipsism pretty much solves the whole “are ghosts real” issue.


top two reasons I use google.

  1. Win an argument I am not educated in with my wife
  2. understand what T3hPwnisher’s sentence actually means


I don’t believe in ghosts, despite having had an experience years ago that I can’t explain. However, I’ll play devils advocate here.

Self-image falls into the category of self-schema. Perhaps, after a person’s physical body has ceased to live, what we are left with is the mental image that people have of themselves.

It’s like when Neo goes into the Matrix with Morpheus for the first time after entering the real world, and discovers that the plugs in his neck are gone, his hair is long again, and his clothes are different. Morpheus tells him that his appearance is what they call “residual self-image”, or the body’s mental projection onto their digital self.

Long story short, if I could make the leaps and bounds it would take for me to believe in ghosts, that part wouldn’t be too hard to swallow.


In fairness, I imagine the Devil’s advocate would argue against the existence of ghost, as their existence would prove that some souls can escape his punishment.


I’m going to be a funny looking ghost. My self image is weird.


I’ll add to this:

  1. I suffer from Sleep Paralysis occasionally. It started in Basic Training and then I would get it once in a while whenever my mind is overactive prior to sleeping. One theory is that the body is physically exhausted while the mind is still in a heightened state of awareness. Since the body is paralyzed while you are asleep or you would end up sleep walking, when you wake up in this state, you can’t move. Another is that this is due to a dopamine deficiency, which explains why I got it again plus a prolonged bout of Restless Leg Syndrome after using lots of deca in my early twenties. L-dopa is quite effective for this.

Every single story I’ve heard from out-of-body experiences to spirits sitting on you or suffocating you, plus hearing and feeling the presence of spirits around you because your mind is still partly in a dream state, sounds exactly like what I’ve experienced. Now all I do is relax and I fall back asleep.

  1. I lived in a very superstitious part of the world till my teens. It was also a place where there was almost definitely a violent death that had occurred everywhere you stepped outside your home in the past because of the Japanese invasion during WW2. Since I was fascinated with horror movies at that time and my friends liked to do stupid shit, I went to every haunted place in town, spent nights at cemeteries and morgues of abandoned hospitals where idiots were known to conduct rituals of some sort, worked late nights on weekends at a movie theater where the Japs hung heads of people at the entrance, went to watch exorcisms, threw a pregnant stray cat over a coffin at a funeral wake because people believed the dead body would turn into a zombie FFS lol. I have seen NOTHING. All I’ve seen are charlatans and found out how much people are susceptible to the power of suggestion.

  2. Ghostly sightings are culture specific. Chinese people don’t see Western demons. They see fox spirits. Southeast Asians see flying heads and long haired women eating dead babies on trees. Christians use crosses to ward of ghosts. Muslims in Asia throw salt at ghosts and keep a pair of scissors under their pillows to ward off evil or something. There has to be some consistency here lol.


Literally laugh out loud.


@samul Pretty much everyone gave you good advice IMO… the only thing I can stress is developing a coping mechanism as @SkyzykS mentioned.


If ghosts arent real then how am I typing this?


Psssh, you’re a ghost. I say everyone perceives you in the way that makes sense to them.

If I die soon, I’m going to go haunt a bunch of nasty teachers. This way they’ll see me and go “Oh no! Little Timmy Rogers has come back from the dead to get me. I knew I shouldn’t have held him back after class that time”

Otherwise, they’ll just think it’s random and that isn’t any fun.


Maybe they’re in purgatory, or maybe being a ghost is the worst punishment one can endure.

Trapped for eternity, unable to touch or interact with the outside world as everyone you love dies until eventually nobody even remembers you existed.

BRB, selling that paragraph as lyrics to a metal band.


Is it weird your Hell is my paradise?




Bird Box is overrated


I don’t know what bird box is. I’ve seen it mentioned a lot, and lots of memes of Sandra Bullock wearing an eye mask, so presumably its a movie or show or series of some sort, but other than that not a clue