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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I use to run myself to sleep.


Would you rather fight one beta pig the size of a hippo, or ten alpha hippos the size of pigs?


Blueberries have the second laziest name ever for a fruit.

I eat raw pasta.

After the 3rd night in a row using NyQuil becomes recreational regardless of how sick you are.

I’ve worn the same hoodie without washing it to work out 5 sessions in a row.

Sometimes I listen to Prince when I’m squatting. Little Red Corvette and Kiss somehow add 10 lbs to a PR set.

I only listen to 80’s and 90’s training montage type music when jumping rope. Hearts on Fire, You’re the Best, and Holding Out for a Hero get me in a speed rope frenzy.

Imagine Dragons is today’s Nickleback, we just are a year or two away from realising it.

And I’m spent.


I kinda wish that “Welcome To The Black Parade” had been done by Slayer or Pantera instead of those kids that look like the cute chick from Gas Monkey.


Ozzy would have killed that song.


I like to imagine that the person who named an orange did so before first seeing a carrot, then went “well f**k”

Also weird conventions with insects. Why is a fly the thing we called a fly? Why aren’t bees called stings? And wasps called a-holes?


I spent most of my life living in the laziest-named places ever. I was born and raised on City Island in the Bronx. It’s a half mile by a mile, and it’s just a city on an island. Of course, growing up there, it seems like a normal name, but then my family moved to Sea Cliff on Long Island, and…yup…it’s just a cliff by the sea.


But why?


My best friend growing up introduced me to this. We just crunched raw spaghetti while playing video games. It doesn’t taste bad or bland, like you might think. It’s kind of a satisfying crunch, if that makes any sense.


Many Koreans enjoy eating those instant Korean ramen noodles without cooking them because they have a satisfying crunch and are spicy if you add in the soup powder. A company actually made a snack version because they’re not meant to be eaten raw.


Changing a singular letter in “run” sounds like what I do…


Are you ready for math god?

4000×52÷ x+15 ×64000 + x×y - (run) ×10000000pornhubsexysex =NUT


Definitely. Can’t go to sleep without saying: “Sorry hun, I gotta sleep now. I saw a police officer earlier and I don’t want to be caught resisting a rest


Not at all. Even if it were the case, caffeine doesn’t seem to affect me at all. I have drunk up to five coffees in a row in the past and I didn’t notice even a mild effect.

I agree with you in that I also belive the solution is more psychological than it is physiological. I haven’t tried specific techniques or philosophies yet, but instinctively I always try to self talk in order to fix that. It usually works to calm me down a bit, but last night I was just so overwhelmed. I couldn’t really control it and that might explain the word diarrhea I typed.


The crunch.


Yeah I’ll usually have a nibble on a few strands of raw spaghetti whenever I’m cooking it. Good crunchin’.


Well the gym my oldest is interning at has a very Crossfit vibe . Based on their instagram page and from things my son has mentioned . The head instructor keeps talking up the glory of Paleo .


I’ve come to the conclusion that if your eating approach has a name then I’m out. I also don’t want to hear about it.


I’m on the high sugar diet, you in?


No names!!! But I bet that comes close to my daily carb intake. I just call it sensible eating. It’s not really a trademarked thing though.