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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Only if you think of alpha as somehow task specific. If I am in a room of CEO’s and I am the best video game player I am not the “alpha” I am just better at video games.

But, if you compared their Big 5 traits I can guarantee they would be similar. Depending on the field it may require higher IQ or less agreeableness but, no huge disparities.


This is an interesting conversation, but I cant help feel it couldn’t be any less suited to this thread. Can someone please start a ‘Do alpha males exist in modern society? Discuss.’ Thread and move it over there?


If you were an alpha, with a high IQ, would you rather fight a duck sized bear or a bear sized duck.

Asking for a friend.


I will start it.


And we’re back on form


Made me LOL!


I’m going to be gone on vacation for three weeks, I hope this alpha/beta drivel is done when I get back.


Petition to rename this The Alpha-Free Confession Thread.


Topic was moved.


Thank you!


Rip is a chump when it comes to coiling.


Wow, I take it this is 5/3/1 coiling?

I could take a picture of the wad of Christmas lights I pulled down the other day, we can call that Stronglifts 5x5 coiling.


It’s not you. It’s a recent system update to prevent mass walls of text that automatically kicks in when people quote entire posts in their reply. Making any kind of edit to the text you’re quoting should avoid the issue.


Nah. That’s more of a conjugate system. 5 inner loops provide the foundation then a series of loops stitch through each other, just like knitting.

Then you can put it over your shoulder, climb a tree or cliff, and undo the end and just toss it. It unravels without tangling perfectly.




Whenever I wear my punisher shirt to the gym I could my reps in my head In a frank castle voice


I have said it many times—I’m a very anxious person by nature.

So, sometimes my heart starts racing for no apparent reason. I can feel it pumping hard and at the same time I get nervous and can’t quite tell what I’m anxious over, but I totally am in an anxiety-driven state. It’s happening right now.

Not quite a confession but man, is this fucking annoying. Just wanted to drop this here.


How do you deal with that? I get the same way. Doctor has prescribed a few meds but they make shit worse. My resting heart rate will go up to 130-140 and I feel perfectly calm mentally.


I don’t do anything. There’s nothing I can do to slow it down intentionally, it just kinda goes away with time.

Right now I’m about to go to sleep so I’ll just have to lie down with my thoughts racing and my heart pumping and wait until it goes away and I fall asleep. It’s a very depressing feeling when it happens to be honest, but although I haven’t gotten used to it, it’s happened enough times now that at least it doesn’t feel like I’m about to have a heart attack anymore.


You are in a sympathetic response, fight or flight. Remind yourself that you are safe now, and try 478 breathing. Your emotional state affects your breathing, but your breathing can change your emotional state. Breathe in through your nose for a count of four (doesn’t have to be four seconds), hold your breath for a count of seven, exhale through your mouth for a count of eight. Repeat four to eight times.

This is Dr. Andrew Weil demonstrating.