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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Why are they in those positions? Something about them must have made it so. If it is nepotism then of course what we say here is inapplicable.


I believe that there’s a point of diminishing returns for intelligence. Above a certain point I believe many other attributes like proactivity and assertiveness become more important. For examples, I would look at the people you rank as being the most successful and then ask if they are also the most intelligent?


In the wild, isn’t the alpha perceived as the one with the best traits for mating?

If we use that definition then most of us here are someone’s alpha.


In the species that the term alpha was originally used to describe, there are extremely clear ranks within the group and these positions are known and recognised within that group. This is largely not the case for humans.


Well, he said intelligent and wise. Being “Wise” is a trait of having high conscientiousness not IQ. So, I agree having just high IQ is not going to make you better at dealing with certain situations but, having both High IQ and Conscientiousness will.


You’d have to ask the ones who promoted them. Also, we use a scoring matrix and seniority is like 15% of the final score. Some people get the job as a sort of participation award. Some also get it because they’re a minority of some sort (in my line of work that’s anyone who’s not a while male).

I’ve heard one guy sucked at his job as a sergeant. The two options they had were to promote him to lieutenant or put him on a work performance plan. The latter means someone has to do more work to evaluate and constantly assess the person. They chose to promote him.


This is the point I’m trying to make. Leaders have a number of different traits that make them leaders. In some situations, intelligence is one of them, but I would say it’s rarely the most important


Clearly that’s not an actual hierarchy. So that doesn’t negate the existence of actual alpha males.


No way! You wanna determine who’s the real badass, you just have to see which one SJWs are likely to hate most.

Charlton Heston’s persona was basically the younger version of the character Clint Eastwood played in Gran Torino.


Umm, right. I never said intelligence is the most important and IQ is overrated.


Surely then being “alpha” is situation specific? In the modern world the majority of us exist within many different hierarchies at once and so someone who may be alpha in one, is not alpha in other hierarchies?


May not be the most important but, it is there. As you said above a certain point it may not add much more but, I can’t think of a leader who has low IQ.


I think I was thrown by the fact that intelligence was first on your list of alpha traits. Not a dig, just how I read it.


Deep. I think I must have fallen asleep watching before I picked up on those themes.

Thinking about Heston in Planet of the Apes and that sort of role makes him seem more “edgy” and less old fashioned.


I think it would be fairly hard to tell their IQ without knowing them personally in many cases. But yes, I would imagine they’re extremely rare


I guarantee you that if that movie were released today and none of the remakes exist, people are going to yell “racist!” and “white savior!” even though it makes no sense. And throw in “sexist!” because of Nova.


I would like to live in the world where none of the remakes exist. Where can I sign up for that?


Considering this thread just went into an Alpha/beta and political ideology direction that won’t seem to slow down, I bow out.

Someone @ me when it goes back to stupid training and fitness banter. Thanks.


Come on, War for the Planet of the Apes was awesome!


A hot girl who can’t speak? Hmmmm.