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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


The comments were pretty darn entertaining as well.



The “system” has twice edited my posts to remove my quoting of the person I’m replying to. Am I doing something wrong when this happens?


My extension cords are always a tangled mess even after trying to coil them, but I look straight up when I do it. Looking down could be a game-changer, can’t wait to try it!


The same houses he looted? He is on record saying he enjoyed killing and disliked the Iraqis maybe he just wanted the first shot.

But I wasn’t there. I guess you might have been based on the confidence of your proclamation.

But he did lie didn’t he? Other SEALS/officers have spoken on it.


Heston, Vincent Price and Will Smith were kind of a bunch of pusses. Arnold was the real Ultimo Hombre!


Exactly! And this is congruent with what I said before. Alphas are at the top of the ladder in a hierarchy. They lead, teach, influence, and motivate!

There are plenty of standup guys willing to defend their families and have traits such as honesty and empathy. Most normal men are like this and nearly all of them are NOT alpha males. The vast majority are also not highly intelligent or wise and are not equipped to deal with highly consequential positions.


Surely this means that in order to have an alpha male, you must have an explicit hierarchy, which we don’t in the modern world. I say explicit because I know many people think they know how we all “rank” in this world (bank balance, sexual partners, penis size, whatever), but there are so many different versions of that ordering, I think of it more as an extension of ego than reality.


I strongly disagree that intelligence and ability to deal with highly consequential positions go together.


I have some thoughts on this but can you give, examples?


Well they’re not mutually inclusive but an alpha will likely have one or the other or both.


Of what? Not trying to be awkward, I just want to be clear


Hence what Lucas and I are saying: there are actual alphas and perceived alphas.

If people think the term alpha is corny for aforesaid reasons perhaps we can just use the word LEADER.

I don’t think such discussions are silly considering some actual alphas have changed this world. We live in a world shaped by alphas!


That intelligence and ability to deal with highly consequential positions don’t go together.


Geez @bulldog9899 look at what you have done. This shit just won’t die! I hope you are happy :grimacing:


Yes, actually thinking this over I can’t see how a dumb person would even get into such positions.


I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive at all, higher intelligence (however you want to measure it), will help in being able to handle consequential positions. However I think its an overhyped atttibute.

I went to a school in which you had to have a certain level of intelligence on paper to get in, so spent much of my childhood around people with incredible IQ’s so have seen first hand that it doesn’t in any way mean you are likely to make better decisions or be more responsible


I can get on board with that.

Apologies for the slow replies, I have a sleeping baby on me so this is all done one handed.


Explicit hierarchy in what sense? Society is big, better to see what goes on in specific sectors.

“bank balance, sexual partners, penis size, whatever” are indicators of the Big 5


I agree with this. I have met intelligent people who are very poor in relating to and handling others. They are not leaders/alphas. Alphas gave do not have one trait or characteristic. They have a cluster of traits.


And we have plenty of supervisors (aka leaders) at my job who are not highly intelligent…or moderately intelligent.