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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Dude was so pear shaped looking at him kicked me out of ketosis.


Let’s discuss “cucks” instead!


I would like to discuss it.

Why did they choose that particular word? Is the idea that you’re such a pussy, or “beta,” that you let your wife push you around to the extent that she invites some big, strong “alpha” dude over and fucks him in your marital bed while you watch helplessly from the sidelines, crying and wanking like “I’m sorry I was never that good, honey”?


I think it goes all the way back to the “ladder theory” days where the chick dumps you for the dude in a biker gang.


Ohhhhh ok I get it.

Lucky for me I’m so alpha. No way I could get by on brains alone. I’d be getting cucked left, right and centre.


Yeah, same here. That’s why I joined a biker gang.


I eat tomatoes like how people eat apples.


In a pie?


Poor gamma guys, never even get a mention


I’m the blood Alpha and Omega


Isnt a stereotypical alpha an incel?


See I always figure the Omega would be the thing. Tougher than all the other bastards. The last man standing!


I’m confused about the part where he volunteered to lead entry teams to clear houses…

But I wasn’t there. I guess you might have been based on the confidence of your proclamation.

And then there’s the part where he started working with wounded warriors after they returned. I guess that was an order from above too.

One thing I do know: the military doesn’t take kindly to stolen valor. If people who actually served believe in him then do so I.


I once listened to an interview with a male prostitute. His specialty service was banging brides on their wedding day infront of the new husband.

I usually put shit like that down to crap people do that I’ll never understand and forget about it but that one really had me thinking WTF? And how can someone specialize in it? Lol


Now hold on a minute ! I am a poor grammar type guy :disappointed_relieved:



He meant the greek letter gamma, alpha is a, beta is b, gamma is c. (it’s supposed to be a joke)


I watched a video of Rippetoe giving detailed instruction on how to roll up an extension cord, from beginning to end, and I enjoyed it.


I wasn’t responding to anyone specific


I wouldn’t fuck with Charlton Heston in that movie either…


I imagine he looked at the floor the entire time.