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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


He was a liar, bragged about killing, looted families homes oversees, among other things. Did not lead but, followed orders he was an attack dog.


Those chimps rarely lead and when they do end up being killed by 2-3 other chimps working together.


Yeah, I didn’t say they were leaders lol. I was giving an example of displays of dominance by primates. Don’t they sound familiar to some bros?


To further complicate things because this is t-nation, here is an example of primates who have females as alphas:



But that’s kind of my point. I’m
Not denying that personality traits exist or that when a grouping of desirable ones show up in asingle person that can predispose them to certain things but the idea of “the alpha male” who is, almost by necessity, physically and sexually dominant and beta males who are subservient to them because nature is largely a stereotypical fiction, or at least certainly overblown.

Which is to say you can’t see a guy bench 405 at the gym and then bag a check at the bar and declare him “the alpha male”


Some PEOPLE are rude as fuck. What they choose to do with a barbell has no bearing on their personality. Hell, there are a LOT of asshole strongmen and powerlifters out there. There are also a lot of asshole gym-goers in general.


Confession: I hate using straps. I can never get my left hand secured! I have the blue Elitefts straps. They work fine, but I have no idea how to secure my left hand properly while my right hand is locked onto the bar. Help would be appreciated.


Do your left hand first!


Ah. That is something that did not occur to me. That would almost positively make strapping up easier. Thank you.


Good God… to think I started this whole Alpha/beta thing by venting over my annoyance over hearing the term being used in another thread.


There is only one true Alpha


Good God… that makes me feel old. Because I know allot of guys on here were raised on watching that show as kids and it came out after my time.


I think that other asswipe started it this time but, I’ll be happy when it’s over!


Well… two days ago I brought it up on this thread out of the blue and its been going strong.


What happen to the pear shape guy thread??


He pussed out and had it deleted.:confused:


Thats odd…most time that doesn’t happen. There have been many of times when guys have asked for a thread to be taken down and they are kept up in all their glory.


Chris let him know how he felt about it.


well that explains it.


I cant say I didnt extend the olive branch for him to stick around
Poor bloke, forever known as the fruit man