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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I’ve done a working at heights course and it was fine
Absailed down a 10 story building no problemo.
It’s a mental thing, because I was full harnessed. As the instructor said, you set up your harness, your safety mechs and how far your no access zone is
If you’re happy, then nothing will go wrong.
And if something does go wrong, you will literally eat your own asshole and end up looking like a human pancake and die.

Wise words to live by


That literally happened to my buddy. He cut a springy limb, which threw his saw back into his top rope, dropping him 50 feet. Separated his ribcage from his spine, broke all of his bones, they even had to remove the top of his skull to let his brain swell out.

Surprisingly, he lived and has recovered much better than expected.


It’s never good when you give trauma surgeons a “challenge”.


I ran it past a friend with experience in that and he just shook his head and kinda went “yeesh…,well uhm, you should uh, you know…”.

He ended up calling me when he came to about 5 mos. later.


Jezuzzz how is his quality of life? I’ve seen end products of multistory falls and your buddy certainly falls in the “miracle” category


Eh, so-so I guess. He has grown his company a bit and still has a penchant for hot shiny chicks. I’ll be touching base with him in the coming weeks for Christmas and stuff. You can’t break that much stuff and not suffer from it though.


I decided to improve my conditioning. Rather than being sensible, I went all in and nearly killed myself with the burpee hell below. It was a special combination of being too unfit and too uncoordinated that made this both miserable and amusing at the same time.


WTF were you thinking? and do you have video, We would LOVE to see it!


Fucking hate training in my garage in the winter. But hate most commercial gyms more.


I hate not having a home gym or a house where I could really put one. A barn transformation could be the answer…


I keep getting the itch to get back into muay thai, but then I think about how, if someone were to leg kick me after squat day, I would probably spontaneously combust and look like a pinata filled with ground beef and energy drinks.


Zercher squats are my new favorite hated quad exercise. :face_with_head_bandage:


I’ve watched A Muppet Christmas Carol and Liar Liar every year around Christmas for the last 20+ years and can recite every line from both movies.


Anyone else playing super Smash ultimate? I’ve played way too much in the past couple days, and still have 15 or so characters to unlock.


Picked it up with my son yesterday, he’s digging it.


Lmao, mine would be ground beef, coffee and ice cream !!


20-rep Squats with your 10RM are scary.


I’m hoping Santa brings it…


Do you ever see these ‘core’ guys in your gym.

The guys that spend about 2 hours doing every conceivable exercise on a Swiss ball, usually preceded with a 1 hour long bump and grind session on a foam roller :roll_eyes:

Slowly and with the same intensity of say, Jeffrey Dahmer fucking the eye socket on a freshly scooped out skull…

One testicle almost hanging out there super tight ‘80s football player’ shorts.

These guys creep me the fuck out :man_facepalming:


It’s Die Hard for me.