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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


That was your only mistake. If you were going to move they you should’ve picked a place with a cheaper cost of living. My $50k goes a lot further here than it would in just about any other part of the nation. Lucky me, I guess.



I am moving out (from school) at the end of this school year, and while I know my starting pay, I have absolutely no idea how much it actually costs to live.

Getting married as well, and since we don’t know where my job will take me at first, she can’t start applying for jobs yet, so I am trying to build a budget just on my income, figuring if she gets a job, we can throw that into savings and entertainment. I’m a very organized guy, I don’t particularly enjoy leaving her income as a massive question mark.

One thing I do know is that I have never held a bigger grudge against the cost of crossfit gym prices than I do now that I’m looking up prices for her yearly membership…


Omaha? I seem to remember you are somewhere in BFE, no criticism in the label at all.

I think it’s all relative in many ways. I mean my 1300 SF house is worth $500K here, maybe $150K in Iowa, but I make a lot more than I would in Iowa. The nice thing about it is that the pension is portable - I can take it to BFE if I want…or Mexico more likely. And it’s based on my cost of living in NY, not my COL in Mexico.

When I lived in Orlando, I was making about $20K, but owned my house outright (courtesy of the death of my brother, something I am decidedly not thankful for), and costs were way less. Here in NY, we just seem to be in the rat race, looking for our little piece of cheese, working our asses off to get by while earning top 5% money.

I’m not complaining, we have enough, and enough is enough. But we work pretty hard for what we have. I suspect that is true of most places.

Life was just a lot easier going to the golf course every day rather than going to school - people were happy to be at the golf course.


All this talk of money is stressing me out to the max
I’ve been offered a job in a high risk skyrise position
The pay is tremendous for someone my age, essentially move into the nation’s top 3% wage bracket at 24 years old, but I can’t help and think it’s deserving of more.

Considering you guys are a lot wiser and have travelled the tracks, in my position would it be wise to get a lawyer or solicitor to help negotiate a contract? Or just go above what the aware wage is?


It’s the other way round in my house and. I amount of money that my wife earned would ever make me be a stay at home dad. Work is easy compared to bringing up kids and running the house.


If you think you are underpaid then you should push for more. Just keep in mind what your next best option looks like when holding out because you may just have to take it.


See the problem isn’t what I think. I’m extremely generous of what I’ve been given and naturally am content with what I’m offered, however with me attached to a harness hanging out the side of buildings that are 200m+ high, I can’t help but have an inkling to ask for more
The only issue is I’m already being paid very handsomely, like 5x what the general award wage is

I might need to call around other companies and ask what they’re paying their guys


I would have thought you could just reach up that high on your tiptoes?


Shit beat me to it!


I think now would be a wise time to inform people I have a pretty decent fear of heights😂


Do you get a bit dizzy getting out of bed?


I find it interesting how subjective it is in how people will define what is impressive. At least in regards to what is covered in the forums on here.


When people switch their avatars without warning my brain cannot process properly.


I’m down in Kansas. The cost of living around here is low compared to KC and Olathe. Hell, even Manhattan (the Little Apple) has a high cost of living in terms of real estate. My house was built in 1910. It’s three stories tall with a full basement and close to 3000 sq ft on the County paperwork. I don’t think that includes the basement. We paid $167k for it. If it was a mile south of our street it would’ve been $225-250k easily. I love the place; I just wish I could put it on 3-5 acres in the country away from business of the city.

I think it depends on what is more standard in the industry. It never hurts to negotiate (with or without a lawyer) but you have to be informed about what is going on around you. If you shoot too high then it could hurt you. If you shoot too low then you hurt yourself. The trick is to shoot high but stay within reach of industry standards.

I’ve never been in a position to negotiate so I can’t really tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

I’m usually ready to come back to work after three days off with my two year old. He can wear me out some days.

Yes. Be informed.

So do I and I probably couldn’t be paid enough to ever do that job.

Does the offer come with a life insurance policy?


Just for the holiday reason


two can play at that game…


I once got vertigo standing on a step ladder

Yes, however in an essence it’s actually a really safe job, which is why I’m trialling it
It would be more dangerous to drive trucks or be a courier then what it would for my job according to statistics


You definitely want to find out whether or not you can function and properly perform the duties of the job in those conditions.

I used to climb and cut trees pretty well and comfortably at 40 to 60 feet. I felt good and secure in my equipment and could tie knots, tweak the saw or what ever. Then I lost my nerve. Now I really have no stomach for heights at all.

You really don’t want to freeze up in an already precarious situation.


I fucking hate heights and I’ve spent half my life trying to overcome the fear to no avail. Tried rollercoasters, didn’t like them, joined the Marines and rappelled out of helos, hated it every time, worked construction and hated every second of being off of the ground.

THAT BEING SAID, if you can get past it, take that job. This isn’t the 40s where people are eating their lunches on scaffolds with no safety equipment. There are a million more dangerous jobs than that. I’d say cutting trees around 50 feet like @SkyzykS is probably WAY more dangerous than 200m buildings.


If you drive to work just fine and then get to your job and are terrified of the heights, get your fear glands recalibrated. The scary part happened on the way there.