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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I love my wife, and we had no choice but to do it this way, but I’ve been supporting a stay at home wife, two kids, and a mortgage for a few years in my 20s on one paycheck, so while I love my life, I would super duper love my life if my wife made more than I do. Isn’t it funny that there are people who wouldn’t want their significant others making more than them?


We made this decision when the kids were younger because we thought they’d benefit. I had the bigger pay check (and penis) so I was the one to work - despite my protests.

The outcome is we are poorer and from what I can tell, the kids are scarred for life. At least it wasn’t just me who lost this time lol


I have realised that very high water intake results in very well greased turds.


I don’t want to stay home and take care of the kids but I’d be fine with the Mrs bringing home more than me.

I did the math to see if she could stay home after our second kid and it wasn’t worth it. I would’ve had to work extra just to break even each month. We decided to keep her $3000 take home pay and spend $1000 on daycare.


Yeah, just one kid was 1000 a month. 250 a week. 2 would be 1900 with the discount, lol. I don’t wanna be a stay at home dad, I’m just tired of feeling like I can’t take a sick day or miss overtime or god forbid get hurt and miss time without putting my family in a bad situation.


I’m “fortunate” and can work a shitty schedule to save money on daycare. I have Mon, Tues, Wed off so we only need daycare two days a week. We pay $45 a day per kid but luckily our oldest is in kindergarten so it’s like we got a raise this year.


Still not doing conventional deads and still don’t give a Damn.


My trap bar at home has high handles. When finally I do go out and get one with low handles, that will probably be the last time I ever do a conventional deadlift.


You can’t just flip it upside down? That’s how mine spends its life so I can use the low ones. Agree though on never going back.


I told my family that this is what they are getting me for Christmas. I’m excited.


Pulling on a trapbar feels like cancer for me.


It feels pretty bad on my knees for some reason, but I haven’t felt any organ mutations using it yet. Guess I’m not pulling hard enough.


My entire life is a lie.



Hahaha, well if it’s your reason for upgrading I’d still go with it.


You have no idea how dumb I feel right now. I’m the guy bitching to his landlord that his hot water hasn’t worked for 2 years and the landlord just asked have I turned the knob to the right instead of the left?


On the bright side, at least you didn’t tell your family to get you a low handle bar for xmas. You’d have to take the bar rather than admit this oversight.


Yeah I recently upgraded to the Rogue TB-1 but obviously for not the same reason as yourself. :wink: Unless I decided to hit the platform again probably wont pull conventional anytime soon.

Her is the kicker for me… my leverages are such that the trap bar is only slightly more comfortable and just a little more forgiving . Unlike some guys I have found I get maybe a 50lbs difference out of them and that is it.


My wife earns more than me,… a decent amount more, and to be honest I wish she earned even more so I could be a stay at home dad.



So apparently I’ve been feeling quite badly about this for some time now and it really wasn’t necessary.


When I first started teaching in NY I was making $43K per year teaching in Brooklyn, and day care was $675 a week. They would let us take our kids out for the Summer, but we risked losing their spot if they filled up. The day care cost us $27K a year, my net was about $35K, so I was working full time as a teacher for a little less than $700 per month in take home. Out of that I had to pay about $200 per month in train and subway fares, plus lunches, dry cleaning, all that other happy horseshit. Bottom line I was bringing home less than $3 dollars an hour in 2006-2008. On top of that. I was paying tuition for my first graduate degree.

WTF was I thinking?

But, it got me two years in the pension system and experience so I could get hired out on Long Island. Seemed like such a waste at the time but it worked out.

When I was a golf pro in Florida I was off on Tuesday and Thursday, didn’t go to work until 1PM on MWF, and my day care was about $125 per month for the six hours a week my daughter was there.

WTF was I thinking moving to NY?