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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I wonder what happened to the pectus excavatum guy.


I had forgotten about him!


He got sucked into that hole in his chest.


I love this pic. Makes me remember training in a Sling myself after my shoulder surgery in 2012, and the mentality I had about it at the time.



@punnyguy Talked more in depth with my wife over dinner regarding everything. Apparently , the VP wants to keep her around. Because , he told here next year if she stays another year he will do another 10K. Yeah… im buying a new Power Rack!


IF She says you can! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I have my ways!! I have mad skills! :wink:


@bulldog9899 and @ChickenLittle Always better ask for forgiveness than permission


Okay… I always knew the power of a “target date” diet, where you could suffer anything as long as you knew there was an end point… But wow, this whole “target start date” stuff is making me eat like an asshole.

I have entered, along with the T-ransformation contest, a “biggest loser” contest at work and the prize pool is up to like $1,250 so if I can take that pot that will be very nice. So I’m in nooooo rush to lose ANY weight before Jan 1, and in fact am looking to pack on a little in order to shed it off and come in first easily at work. I havent eaten this shitty in YEARS, im talking like cookies, See’s candies, ice cream, etc … I’m literally eating every piece of shit food that crosses my path and by God I can see why people do it. Couple that with “Hell, if this sets me up to lose more weight for the contest this slice of pizza may be worth $1,250…” and its a bad scenario.

I’m sure come Jan 1 I’ll be happy to be dieting, but for now its pretty nice to eat like an asshole.


Remember to down lots of water in the leadup to your weigh in (assuming you are getting plenty of salt and carbs in).

A good water bloat at the start and water cut at the end can be 10lbs in the bag without any actual dieting (note: water manipulation can be more miserable than an actual diet lol)


:fu:t2:Done with the standing overhead press…


Just Fair warning…



I just ate 1k+ cals of latkes in one sitting.




This is a sad day.


If your talking about my standing overhead comment I’m going back to seated behind neck just for clarification


Ahh, I thought your shoulders were cooked. In that case… you’ll be back!!


Chag Hanukkah sameach!


I have to stop thinking of servings as the size of the package that things come in and start thinking of them as what it actually says a serving is on the package.

Like that package of chocolate covered cranberries I just ate. Turns out that’s 8 servings. 1120 calls.


Oh hell my shoulders have been cooked for a very long time.