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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Confession: I need to stop being lazy and keep a damn training log. Maybe one day haha…


Bullpup looking strong!
The other one just bit off a little more than he could chew.


Observe your classmates. Find out where they struggle vs where you don’t. Observe your teacher’s methods. See what works and what doesn’t. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn, even if not the subject matter.

When I taught, I was given much education on the subject matter and little on the delivery method. What I ended up doing was copying the style of my favorite professor in undergrad, because it was what was the most effective to me. Through my time, I would steal from effective instructors and observe my own flaws in others and work to eliminate them.

You may not teach one day, but I’ll bet you’ll have to speak in public on a few occasions. This is a great time to learn from someone that has to do it for a living.


I’ll second this, and @samul … you’d be a fool to overlook what pwn just wrote because that is some of the best information you’ll ever get in your life.

I was in the same boat, was always brilliant with science and math subjects at school, but English was the one compulsory class we all had to take.
Hated the class… had absolutely no interest in the subject, but by observing the way an educator portrays their message is invaluable.
I never took much away from the schooling that I recieved, but now when I’m running teams of people who vary in nationalities and “smarts” /or teaching the next generation of trades people, I am now able to look back and use the skills that I learnt in that class. Strongpoints, getting your messages across in a clear manner and dealing with other peoples strengths and using them to cover other people’s weaknesses are things you’ll use for the rest of your life


He had no business trying that weight. He looked shaky even unracking It. Lmao that was never going to end well.


Funny you mentioned leaving a stain on the floor . Because in the past he wasn’t content unless he was almost ass to ankle. But my oldest is a perfectionist and has a competitive streak. So i feel if I’m doing him a disservice if i candy coat stuff. But i am also the first to fist bump him when he kicks ass. So I try to stay balanced in that.


Oh yeah when I first noticed the kid and noticed his walkout i knew it would end badly.


I preferd that he didn’t go for that last rep myself. He violate one of the rules I have set up for him.


When using the oven if the cooking temp required is 400 f, I automatically set it to 4 plates (405).


That’s because you’re using standard. Switch the metric, and then you only need to set it to 180 degrees Celsius.


405F is 207C too so that’s actually pretty close.


Confession: I love reading political posts on social media, and then scrolling through the comments for entertainment.


Do I smell a whacky sit-com?..


You’re the landlord, you call the shots. We could do comedy, drama, cooking…the possibilities are endless.


Maybe we can just be outlaws and make blue tacky in a trailer.



Wife finally got her WAY overdue performance review at her work and…

10K a year increase in salary with retro pay all the way from back from JUNE!




Nice!!! She should’ve negotiated additional hazard pay for the death threats also!


yeah probably… also she been given the tumbs up to work less hours and delegate more things to others. Its in writing! Because I asked!


Confessuon: I fucking hate hack squats. Nothing humbles me more than that damn machine.


When eating, I always alternate the side of the mouth I chew on with each bite of food. Further,
I always finish my meal by chewing on the right side of my mouth. I havent chewed 2 consecutive bites on the same side of my mouth or finished a meal on the left side in 30+ years.

When I was young, I would make a weird competition of it. Like which side would end the meal was an interesting sport. I’d set it up so it seemed the left side would win. Then something extraordinary would happen, like a piece of food would inconceivably fall off my spoon just as it was going into my mouth for a left side win… or it seemed that left had won but a pea surprisingly appeared on my plate so left had victory stolen from it.

It was like the Harlem Globetrotters of the tween meal world.

I feel strangely better for this confession lol