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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


This is a great skill. One I learned in college, mainly because phones were different. I can’t tell you how many hours of meaningless meetings I sit in where I use this skill.


so much TL;DNR since I last visited this happy go lucky thread


High grades are a reflection of mastery of the specific set of material, but not necessarily a reflection of knowledge gained/obtained. Surely you would contend that you would get more out of school by paying attention while you are there vs not, no?

As someone that instructed for a living, an inattentive student was a disrespectful one, and I typically corrected the behavior on the spot. This was because, if that student DID fail, or if they simply did not gain value out of the course, it would fall on me as the instructor for failing to do my job to ensure they were learning.


I have a hankering to watch the old Gen 1 Transformer cartoon series. Not sure where this came from.


I asked you to think about it, not compose an argument against it.

If that’s too much to ask I can see why problems arise.


Ahhh, to be young and up for every fight again.

Nowadays I’d say “Thank you for your concern, its good to know I have people looking out for me. But this is my hobby and I love doing it, it would be awesome to know I have your support to succeed in this as well as your concern. I am aware there are risks and i think I have a handle on it but if you see it is getting out of hand, please speak up.”

Then I’d think “now you’re going to tell me how you only want the best for me and you’ll let me go”

Then they’d say it and I’d smile while thinking “dance, monkey, dance”



Ok here is the video I mentioned…

Disclaimer 1 . Yes! I am less than happy with how my sons form looks in this video which him and I discussed in great length about.
2.I hope it doesnt come across as lame and unfunny and waste of peoples time to watch. I just find it funny because I have a gut feeling the kid was trying to hang and it didnt seem to work out.
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This is a fair point and definitely something I’ll be thinking about.

True that. It’s just that sometimes it’s hard to win boredom and listening to a person talking about Romans is way less interesting than reading about insulin to me (just an example). And there are some specific cases where I’m sure I have nothing at all to gain from a class—it is the case for English classes, but I realize this is probably not worth discussing as it’s pretty specific.

Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. I did think about what you wrote and surely will be thinking about it again. But after a first analysis of your point, what I shared in my post was exactly what’d come to my mind.

Now, if you don’t want to discuss this with me and just wanted to throw a thought or two, that is fine, just tell me and I’ll drop it here with you. Otherwise, I didn’t think I would need a formal request in order to answer your post.

You’re right as to the fact that I get upset for too little and too quickly too often. Sometimes I lash out and then a second later I think, “I could have saved the hassle I just created by just answering differently, I’m an idiot.”

And I’ll be honest: I’ve known this is a flaw of mine for a while but I haven’t yet found a way to fix it, although I am becoming more and more aware of it recently.


Good lord. So first, besides some forward leaning and loss of upper back tightness towards the end, I’ve seen WAY worse form than your son. That’s big weight, and he’s doing alright for repping it out.

Second, I’ve paused the video about half a second into green shirt’s squat, and his knees are WAY forward, back is rounded from bottom to top, and that’s with me barely being able to see anything. No disappointment here. He just collapsed under the weight. Classic gym fail. It was, as you suggested, 100% because of him looking over at your son and realizing that with the camera on him, he had to put up a big number. If only it worked that way.


I’m not going to raz you about it or belabor any points, but I could have written your response verbatim for the number of times I’ve heard it.

If there were a point to this it would be this- it takes a level of discipline and maturity to be where you are and do what you are there to do that even many adults lack. I could regale you with plenty of stories of serious industrial accidents that I’ve personally witnessed involving everything from brain damage and amputation to death from this very same lack of ability but I’m also pretty sure that you would argue about that too.

So like I said, just something to think about.


Well hes wanting to do a meet again in February and I would like to see him get more of the bugs worked out of his form or hes going to leave lbs on the platform.


Lol definitely not lame. That kid had 0 chance of making that from the start.


What you’re all missing is that the young gentleman in green wasn’t trying to squat. He simply made a mistake and put too many plates on the bar, and didn’t want to have to unload them so high up. So he ingeniously found a way to lower the bar onto the safeties where he could unload the bar comfortably.


What probably bruised the poor kids ego the most was that he was using almost 100lbs less than my oldest.


Maybe he was concentrating on the eccentric portion of a goodmorning.


Geez, you’re hard on the young fella there. The way you talked about it, I was expecting to be above parallel by inches doing good mornings. You worried he didn’t leave enough of a stain on the floor? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This way pretty funny though. It reminds me of when I was squatting with a friend who was competing. Dude was squatting 220kg for 5s.

We had someone roll up and do quarter squats next to us. Then go from like 140kg straight to 220. Cant unrack it. Begins unloading from one end. The bar tips, weights fall of the other end the thing drops into the cage. Everyone looks around at him.

He turns to us “that was embarrassing”, friend rips back “not as embarrassing as your squat”



@bulldog9899 Nice freaking set!


I’ll move in and run it. Good source of passive income for you. We can talk splits once the sq. Footage and such are nailed down.


He was probably checking to see how his ARX numbers translated to real weights.

Also, damn, your kid’s killing it, I was expecting a single but he just kept going.


I played Tetris and baseball on my Ti 83+ calculator.