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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


On the topic of Captain America…


Society has always done this. Look at your action figures from your childhood. They’re jacked.


Evans is great. I wonder how is character is going to bite the dust in the next Avengers movie.


When I was a kid Captain America was a guy who punched out Nazis. As an adult, they turned him into a Nazi sleeper agent. I was less then thrilled.


Lol, this from a cop - a profession best known for its penchant for coffee and donuts.

Takes one to know one?


It’s almost as though the underlying root of being unhealthy is being in a career where you spend the majority of your day surrounded by degenerates who don’t want to be there…

Which is probably why I got to watch my parents rapidly age in front of my eyes.


First, I’m pretty sure 99% of Americans like donuts. Second, the donut thing started because they were the only place open on the overnight shift. Cops would go there for coffee and I’m sure they would get some donuts for the free security.

It seems that high stress jobs fuel unhealthy habits. Everyone recognizes that smoking or drinking is a bad coping mechanism but people also use food and it can be equally hazardous.

I can speak from experience that this job drains a person. I get home after a 10 hour day and all I want to do is sit. I struggle to make common decisions like what to eat for dinner. It’s understandable that my co-workers don’t go to the gym but it’s not excusable.


I like muffins over donuts myself.


Muffins are cake without frosting.



But don’t try to serve some kind of raisin nut loaf as “cake.”


Your dedication to diet and training is real impressive, especially lately, along with your results. But anything can be an obsession. You have teachers that see you - already a slim-ish person - losing 20 pounds while still being a teenager. I, along with everyone else here, think you look great right now, but I think calling teachers incompetent for worrying about one of their students is harsh. If they were really incompetent, they would ignore drastic weight changes in teenagers. If they don’t understand, or you feel it’s unfair, the worst thing you can do is get defensive and belligerent, since that’s how addicts and people with image disorders tend to act before they realize they have a problem.
I’m not saying you do, but tl;dr:
Cut your teachers some slack - they obviously care,
And ask yourself if this is 100% passion, or any bit obsession. I’m addicted to the gym, I think, and my wife has to make me take days off sometimes because I go for like 15 days in a row. Just a personal inventory type of thing.

Seriously though, good job on your hard work.




Thank you man, I appreciate that.

I do agree with you on that fact that it’s probably good that they noticed that, but I don’t like when they just can’t take “no thanks I’m good I know what I’m doing” as a response, which I’ve given to them multiple times at this point.

Again, right, and I do realize that I have a pretty bad temper and I’m pretty quick to lash out at people when they upset me. But really, I just don’t like people who don’t mind their business.

It’s probably that I’m used to my peers that are often interested in what I do, and although it seems completely unreal to me because I don’t feel accomplished a bit yet seeing what my goals are, many guys I know specifically said they’d like to look like me, and getting questions like “what do you do in the gym” from a peer is much different than having teachers question what I do. I find it unreal that I even have to DEFEND myself and justify what I do to them. Who the fuck are they?

Definitely there is a tad of obsession. I tend to be overly analytical by nature and am very anxious, I have discussed this many times. Fitness and nutrition, in my non-medical opinion, just tends to be one of the areas where those traits come to be expressed. THIS is my real problem as a person. I suffer from over thinking and anxiety and that leads me to lots of suffering at times. I should also mention that I’ve been seeing a therapist over this.

But I still find it a very healthy facet of my life. I get to become stronger, bigger, better looking, I get to eat good and stay healthy, and I direct my energies towards something positive. Granted, ever since I’ve been working with Paul Carter I’ve been taking these things more seriously than I did before, but I’ll tell you that this isn’t negative imo.

Up until this summer, for example, I used to smoke pot pretty frequently with friends. Once to twice a week, and part of the fun was the absolutely unreal binge that followed each time. I would embarrass some of the bigger guys here with the amounts I could down while still never being full. As fun as it was, this always led me to being fatter than I would’ve liked. Now I haven’t done that since I’ve been working with Paul because I don’t want to throw my plan in the toilet. I guess I was just looking for an excuse to not have any more excuses :slight_smile:

Again, thank you that is very much appreciated :slight_smile: if only now I could get bigger muscles with the same ease I got this lean… (“Ease” being a very very relative term, I hope you’ll see what I mean there because that was not easy at all lol)


I order donuts while on duty to see if some slob is going to make a joke about it.


Damn right, and don’t worry about people telling you it is. Just answer politely and let them do what they have to. It’s unfortunate to say, but far more teenagers have eating disorders than the amount of dedication you have to nutrition. Nothing will come of it.

Yup, understand the sarcasm, but that’s a good point. Cuts are the hardest part of fitness for most people. Now you get to train AND eat so you don’t feel like an engine going full speed with no fuel. Building muscle happens much more slowly than a cut, but you can enjoy the grind a lot more than restricting calories. I’m actually the opposite - not eating is easy for me. I’ve spent 10 years forcing myself to eat enough every day to gain 60 lbs of mostly muscle, and I’m still like 15 lbs of muscle gain and 20 lbs of fat loss away from the physique I want.


Interesting point. Not trying to ream you, just something to consider- You’d like the teachers to teach and basically mind what you consider their own business, while you just diddle around on the net, on your phone, while in school.

If you’re in school, your business is to be at school. You aren’t minding your own business, yet you sit in judgment of people that have to mind theirs and yours, as you are still part of Their process (educating you).

Like I said, just something to think about.


When I was in middle school, I learned that message first hand by being bullied by older kids a lot.

But it’s not entirely true. In high school I dated really hot girls while being a skinny stoner with jew curls (true story, fro status). I’ve spent a lot of time getting bigger, but (confession) I still think being able to make a girl laugh gets you further along than looking good. Confidence vs cockiness.


Not a donut fan myself - now, gimme a good maple bar…

I suspect cops and teachers reflect the general population in terms of health statistics.


Well if I’m not minding my business, whose am I?

Every time I have this kind of conversation, I always ask to explain how my use of my mobile phone during class prevents teachers from doing their job. I tend to have very high grades in virtually every subject. I never used that as a brag, it’s just the way it is.

The amount of time I spend studying at home amounts to virtually zero and apparently what I can gather from the class while also using my phone, and reading the relative chapter on my book once suffices, for me.

Now, so long as I don’t prevent the class from taking place, and I don’t hurt my education in the process, what damage am I doing? That varies from subject to subject of course, as there are some that interest me more than others and in some I have to put in more effort.

But the teacher that’s giving me the most trouble is the English one. What am I supposed to do during English class? Listen while she teaches us IRREGULAR PAST TENSES? Because that’s what they teach in high school here. And I don’t need to be taught any of that bullshit. Now, I understand I am the “problem,” not my peers or teacher, because that tends to be the level of English in Italy and I’m the exception, not the rule.

And knowing that, I try and do my best to be of as little disturbance as possible, and most often that happens to be using my cell phone because otherwise I’d get bored to death and start doing things I shouldn’t be doing like making fun of the teacher because she can’t even speak decent English.

Now, I understand that the other option would be to stare at the blackboard for an hour in silence and pretend I’m actually learning something, but I can’t do that. What can I tell you, I’m limited in that sense. I never manage to convince myself to do nothing for an hour and throw time away.

Sure thing. Actually I have an appetite that tends to be a little out of the ordinary so even when gaining mass I feel a bit like I’m still restricting myself. I know I didn’t before I started to work with Paul, so I was clearly eating more than now (I did track calories and number confirm that), so I’m starting to see why I tended to get fat.

Still, I never get 100% enjoyment from the process because as soon as I increase calories I start to get worried about getting fat. Now it’s been three weeks since I started the mass phase and despite Paul told me my conditioning is still solid, if I had to tell I think I have already gained some fat. That ends up being a problem because my goal is to become very big, and mentally I have constantly to battle with the fat gain and making sub optimal muscle gains. And every year it’s been the same—eventually we get near summer and I don’t feel confident with my level of bf, so I need to cut down and I never have enough time for muscle gain, and even when I do my feeling is that I only gain fat. That’s a bit messed up.


Gonna have to totally, 100% disagree on this part. You’re going to have a really rough time in life if this is how you react to reasonable rules. Teachers are there to engage and educate you, so using a mobile phone not only DIRECTLY prevents them from doing their job, it incites others to follow you. Furthermore, it’s arrogant and disrespectful. You can have the self control to starve yourself when you love food, but not to stop watching gym videos in class? Fix that shit, man.