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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Video please


Add another vote, come on man share the laugher


I’m very excited about this weekend. My car’s door handle has a button on it. This button has always baffled me. Turns out, if you have the keys on you (e.g. in your pocket) and you press the button then the door opens. This is an excellent feature if you have kids.

On the weekend, I plan to exaggerate opening the door without using the fob-dohickey so my wife notices. When she asks, I am going to tell her I’ve been using this feature since day 1 - depending on how cranky she is for the rest of the week, I may tell her that I’ve even shown her the button trick a few times.


Greek Yogurt; unsweetened
Peanut butter; natural
Hershey Chocolate Syrup

Deep down, I knew this would be awful but I was hopeful that I’d be pleasantly surprised. I was not.


Swap out the yoghurt for cream of rice and you’re in for some really good stuff.


I dunno part of me thinks that if I eat this whenever I get a craving my body will start to learn not to get cravings or else…


Totally agree. I could eat cream of rice for days. I used to get sick to the stomach from how full I was while still wanting to have more.

I also tried it with jelly in top and I know I shouldn’t have. Now I don’t allow myself to have more than one pack at any time at home. When I need it, I just buy for the amount I need. Otherwise I’m throwing dices keeping more than that at home.

(Same thing with bread.)


Nobody else chimed in. I guess it’s us :exploding_head:


Well probably post the video after work. Hope it doesn’t come across as lame.
Still think the kid was trying to hang with my son in a way . On another note my oldest needs to film from a better angle more constantly
Because it is creating a false illusion of issues that aren’t present in any other of his videos.


So I’m just going to rant a tad here.

Teachers very recently have been giving me a hard time about my nutrition habits and passion for the gym.

Basically they often see me watching gym related stuff (often I’m just posting here but hey, is that a pic of a buff guy at the top of the page?), having protein powder and stuff and they are starting to “be worried” that I could develop disorders or stuff.

I’ve been told a million times that “I’ve lost too much weight” in these last two months so I’m suspecting someone may be worried I’m becoming anorexic. Long story short, I almost lashed out at a teacher and I told him that they are more than welcome to do their thing if I’m breaking any rules, that I will accept punishments if they think I shouldn’t be using my mobile at school, but that other than that they have to mind their freaking business.

Then I told him that if they really want to care for anyone’s health, they should probably do something about those 12y/o’s smoking in the school garden during breaks. I ended saying that if losing weight and looking better means having a disorder, then his colleague who started it all by telling everyone I was getting too skinny should probably develop a disorder too, that’s probably be good for her.

Anyway, the head teacher requested to talk to my dad (despite the fact that I’m almost 19 so legally an adult) so this Monday he’ll have to sit and tell him “yeah don’t worry my son eats plenty” and then go home. Why are there so many incompetents working with people?


See? I’ve told you many times. Crom will never let you into Valhalla.


ive put up my anorexia habits like pecking at food and throwing in the trash. However, my ed was cuz I wanted to die…not be fit. Yet…eyebrows have been raised, because I lost 6 lbs very rapidly, and prolly why I was so gd sensitive here yesterday. During and after my dr appointment, did anyone suggest blood work, no, immediately it was-have you been eating…pfft

Anyways, I haven’t followed your stuff in a bit, but are there any reasons that might be red flags? If not and you are taking care of yourself, try to validate from within. I was at one point 83 lbs, got to 129, and, yesterday 123. I thought I didn’t get emotionally triggered by appointment until I logged on this am and saw replies and reading this. Try not to let others dictate how you feel, don’t worry echoing it in my brain. Continue a path of fitness if you enjoy it. Today is a new day for me and thanks for this post :hugs:. Too many judgemental mtf out there. Just be healthy and happy. Just don’t let it affect your grades :wink:. And nothing wrong with a little browsing, just don’t let them catch you looking at food porn. Then they’ll be saying shit like you’re bulimic. Omg, that speculation used to irritate me, now I laugh. Take care and don’t internalize what haters say


I have a lot to confess today.

I just found out about red velvet oreos last night. WTF why do these exist. I can never unknow about them.

My wife asked me yesterday why I am still ‘bulking’ after 4 months and 15bs gained. I told her I’m not bulking, I’m cultivating mass. Then I remembered that she is an immigrant who has no clue what It’s Always Sunny is.

I only have two pairs of pants currently that fit.

I woke up today at 190lbs. At 5’7" this is the second time in my life I have weighed this much and I do not want to stop.

I used to hate squatting and loved deadlifting. I now loath deadlifting and wake up on squat day what I imagine you goyims felt like on christmas morning.

When I was younger a friend tried to explain Easter to me and afterwards I asked him why they are celebrating Zombie Jesus day with jelly beans. I then explained passover to him. He asked me why I celebrate the mass genocide of first born children by eating crackers. I still have no answers to both questions.

I had a problem with my car this week. It is a 2014 BMW 3 series. The mechanic said that the onboard computer is malfunctioning and keeps saying during the diagnostic that it is a Mini Cooper. I told this to my wife and her response completely deadpan was that my car has Gender Dis-morphia and identifies as a fuel efficient compact car so I should be able to use those parking spaces now. It may have been the funniest thing she has ever said during the course of our relationship.

I flex my tricep in the reflection of windows 99% of the time when I think nobody else is watching. This morning I was caught.

Captain America is the poster child for PEDs and we applaud him. Barry Bonds is still not in the HoF. We are weird people.


This thread is incredible, truly weightlifter standup comedy.


I would not worry about it . At least these teacher care enough about your well being that they show concern. Even if it might be misplaced…


The whole theme of the movie Captain America: The First Avenger is that it’s better to be big and jacked than a skinny little bitch.

When he’s tiny he gets no respect from anyone, gets his ass kicked in fights and girls laugh at him. Then he gets on the super-steroids and suddenly women love him, men respect him and he can kick some serious ass.

I mean, it’s obviously true, but it seems like the wrong message to be sending our kids.

Or whatever. I hate kids anyway.


Did I miss the video?


No will post it this afternoon


I dunno, I think my life would have been massively improved by getting that message a lot more as a kid.


From my experience most teachers are not healthy individuals. It’s socially acceptable to bully fit people and make us feel like we have a problem. The reality is that unhealthy people project their insecurities onto us by trying to make us feel bad. The truth is that they feel bad about themselves.

I will warn you, though. Fitness/bodybuilding can lead to body image issues. You can end up always viewing yourself as too small or too fat. I think it’s called body dysmorphia. It’s a mental problem but I guess it’s probably more healthy than other disorders.