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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Well that goes without saying! That just adds to the sexy!



For a long time, whenever I’d make a protein shake my kid would appear out of nowhere and demand to share it (come on kid you’re killing my gainz enough as is). This last time I got a coffee flavored one, which upon telling her what flavor, grossed her out and she wants nothing to do with it. So if you run into this problem, coffee flavored protein is in fact kind of gross, but can solve a very specific problem. Then you just say everything after that is coffee flavored too when you go back to chocolate.


In a similar story, my kid used to like to share my protein bars, calling them “bar bars”. I would bite off a piece to give to them, since they were too young to get in a solid bite off the bar. This was effective until one day, in a rush to bite off a piece, I chipped one of my teeth. At first I thought “huh, this protein bar is particularly grainy today” until I found myself spitting out bits of teeth.

I suppose the lesson is, instead of calling everything coffee flavored, you can just horrifically damage yourself in front of your spawn while imbibing your meal such that they grow to become terrified of the possible consequences of partaking.

My dad did a similar trick to me with alcohol. Oh that crafty rascal.


I take that as a challenge lol.

Cleavage show down! :rofl::rofl:


Confession: I am lustfully designing my own pizza on the pizza hut website in anticipation of my cheat meal on Friday in preparation for the squatpocolypse.

That is a multi-part confession. First, the confession itself. Second, the confession that it is pizza hut, which is sure to upset people that have opinions on things. Third, I will be getting stuffed crust pizza, which upsets a specific subgroup with opinions on things.

And yes, there will be pineapple on it.


I think the last time I went to Pizza Hut is when I got the excellent Ninja Turtles game that came with a not-so-excellent pizza.


I may just play that game on Friday to continue the celebration.


everything prior to this was excusable…


Just went Super Saiyan 2 as a result of holding back the flames.


I got my weekly squat form video from my son ( ugh boy still has bad habits to break) Which is pure GOLD ( but that might just be my opinion)!! Not because of his squat form ( even if I want to put a boot in his ass) But because of the kid in the next rack whom I think he was trying too emulate my oldest and trying to hang . Oh good god this kid unracks and walks back wobbly as hell… starts to squat and folds over big time. Luckily…the rack caught it. Im almost tempted to post it if anyone wants to see it.


Well you have to now


well only if enough want me too…


I give pizza preferences pretty wide berth. In fact, with the right sauce just about anything is fair game.

It’s more like a template that you can plug and play with than anything else.


Pizza hut > then dominos (at least out here)

Dominos cuts the extras options at 3, so for example
I want more cheese, I can only add 3 lots

Pizza hut doesn’t have any cut off
I ordered a family size cheese crust cheese pizza with 8 lots of extra cheese
It came to +$30
Placed the order online, and received a call about 5 minutes later from the store
The caller was like
“Yeah we received your order, was that a mistake with the amount of cheese?”
Nope, it was 8 extra lots of cheese, correct?
“Uhhhhh… that’s a lot of cheese sir”

I picked up the pizza, and by the time I got home, the copious amount of oil and cheese had soaked through the box and the pizza had fallen out of the box
It was delicious


+1 for video


Yep. :+1:

How do you not choke to death while eating this?


Cough up the video!


Concur. They’re both chain pizza, but Pizza Hut is at least greasy, which is a substitute for good when you’re in a pinch.

I laughed hearing about the pizza falling out of the box. Reminds me of this

@SkyzykS Concur. The base is good enough that everything else is just dressing.


But seriously, post this video. ASAP.


I put no limit to any amount of cheese in whatever meal
It was like heaven in a box (ex box)