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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


That’s a lot of tape!


If you’re in a position to do so, I’d make people hold that as they speak to you.


I’m a supervisor and there’s a new kid who barely looks old enough to grow a beard. I can ask him to hold it for a second then take a crazy long time explaining something useless to see how long he’ll stand there with it.


That is perfect!


I’m actually going to try this if he’s in my area. Dunno if it will be tomorrow but I’ll try to get one of the programmers to take a video of it happening. I should confess that I’m too excited about this already.


My go to recipe when I am cutting and fancy something approaching a treat at the weekend is to make pancakes with one mashed banana (make sure it is over ripe), two eggs (yolk and all) and one scoop of protein powder. I usually throw in some baking soda.

It is now at the point where I make these even if I’m not on a cut - they’re good. I usually make an extra large batch so that my wife and I can freeze the leftovers (she makes me portion control so that there are leftovers) and use them as snacks when we play golf to stop me getting too hangry mid-round.


Presumably he was quoting Pascal’s wager?

EDIT: Having caught up with the rest of the thread, I realise this has already been noted.


i’m not very fond of pancakes but your version sounds good.

my problem is with those people that are constantly acting like pancakes are the only option. i was once watching one of those italian youtubers’ videos, it was a full day of eating, and the guy listing the meal didn’t even say “breakfast.” he called it “the pancake.” this should show how mainstream and taken for granted pancakes are in the fitness world here in italy lol


His first job should be getting that cupboard/fridge clean!!!


I have never preformed a push press


he said, communist-ly.


You sayin’ the overweight personal “certified trainers” at my gym with saggy man tits and pot bellies don’t know how to train and eat?? Well now that’s just blasphemy.


Am I not getting some reference?


Omg, I puked in my mouth. Change gyms. I have issues when men have as big of tits as me. I try to look away, but they draw me in.




Big boob men need love too!


I know, I know. But it’s a Confession thread. I don’t mean muscled but big and saggy.


I was talking big saggy and hairy :smile:




You forgot sweaty