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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I’ve been refilling the old plastic containers for met drive and Mag10 from the “newer” bags they ship in for years. I just can’t scoop out of a bag and not spill all over my kitchen counter.



Good God I have come across people talking about spot reduction and high reps for definition :disappointed_relieved:


The worst I have ever heard was a lady at the gym explaining that the best way to lose stubborn tummy fat is to do twisting exercises. This shifts the fat from your tummy around to your back, once it’s in your back it’s easier to lose.

I wish I was making that up. Unfortunately I think the lady giving the advice may have been twisting the wrong way as she had a right gunt.


Although not as bad as yours…

A friend of mine has started to sell very very expensive supplements from a network marketing company that makes them with shitty ingredients. Like fructose and pea protein being the top two ingredients for their PROTEIN SHAKE. Nevertheless, this company is very popular here and millions of people are buying their shit.

He once told me their shake can “turn lean mass into muscle mass” and, as if that wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to tell me that their shakes have “all the macro nutrients you need to gain muscle while only being 200 cals per serving.”

At that point I was about to just sftu and leave but oh God, I made the mistake of engaging in the argument by answering, “you know right that calories aren’t independent of the amount of macro nutrients, so you can’t really have x amount of nutrients without y calories.”

His answer was, “that’s what I was thinking too before reading their resear—” and off I ran.


Got a little sampling of how @T3hPwnisher lives…

Was stopped by TSA dude after going through the scanning machine, he had me lift my right arm up and patted my shoulder/armpit/lat down. Admittedly, I did lift my arm “stiffly” during the scan due to (chronic) bum shoulder and post workout stiffness.

Then, they checked my under-seat bag filled with dinner, food bars, and Superfood (Biotest! shoutout). First question -“Do you work out a lot?” Yep, I nod gravely…


@punnyguy Airports are an endless source of entertainment for just these sorts of reasons. It’s fun the first time, now it’s just annoying going through the scanners, haha.

I confess that I bought this…

And I myself don’t fully understand why. I already have a safety squat bar, and I don’t use it that much.

…but it’s so pretty.


As long as you don’t call it “My Precious”…


I find it odd when someone claims to have been lifting diligently for well over a decade and yet they don’t seem to have picked up any practical knowledge.


Hahahha! I was trying to figure out was piractical knowledge was :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Damn It was up less than 45 seconds before I corrected it!


I clicked on it and watched the edit pop in there!


Better than anyone who believes for a second that that Tummy flattening tea actually works. Tried it once, gave me really irritating gas for two whole days. That was it.


That was tummy flatulenting tea.

An honest mistake really.


This morning I got so involved in a lego-building session with my two toddlers that I started stealing pieces from their buildings to finish mine, and had to fend them off with one arm while building it. It was glorious and I have no regrets.


Im hoping someone can make fun of it somewhere and I come across it. They probably already have I’m just late.


I’ve always maintained that genetics aside (which are the ultimate decider as far as what you can achieve IMO), anyone who claims to be knowledgeable on nutrition and training who can’t improve their physique in a noticeable manner - not even to champion levels - doesn’t understand half of what they think/claim they do.



Good God man ! You said the G word in your post ! Have you lost your mind!


Well one of the networks is airing Rudolph the red nose reindeer tonight. God it is not even December… In it honor I present this.


I’m proud of my town.


I made a giant 40 lb tape ball at work, named it Nick, and frequently pretend it’s an atlas stone.