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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Its best that I dont say at the moment.


Okay, what subforums is this not going on in? Don’t make me search this whole place, dick.


Body weight along with the increase in the lifts… Ed Coan didnt even have progress like that based off of his book .


Ok Powerlifting forum…


Looks suspect to me. But I like Boy George so there’s that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did more digging… I looked up the IPF all time records. For his age and weight division he is squatting (in just knee wraps) on par with the all time equipped numbers and 100 lbs over the top Classic (knee wraps and belt only) So yeah I am leaning more towards Bullshit…


His updates are hilarious. Just throw 150 lbs onto everything every 6 months and nobody will notice.


Found it. Got to be BS, we would have heard about the kid by now if not.


A dozen or so by your scale back when I asked frequently. I’ve since changed my approach-

-Changed lifting time to when there’s fewer people.
-Ask first about how many sets they have left/how long they think they’ll take and then ask whether I can work in based on that.

It works ok for the squat rack. It does not work out well for the bench press.


We call that conjugate training


ALSO: I can guarantee that I’m not gonna turn into a fat slob. I’m so confident in myself that it’s literally physically impossible. :wink: if you catch my drift.


Isnt it? Person in question must went through one hell of a growth spurt also. Considering he was averaging 5 lbs of body weight gain per month consistently during that time frame.


Yeah that is my though … if its true than someone needs to tell that kid considering his young age . That he has the potential to make a name for himself in the not too far future. But my cynical old ass and experience is telling me its just someone screwing around and just writing Bull shit.


You have damn right to be proud. When my dad tries to prove anything to my mom, she starts calling him obscenities and threatens to kick him out of the house

Anyways, my confession:
I’m absolutely disgusting and lazy when it comes to eating. I never wash my fruits/veggies unless there’s visible dirt and if something goes bad, I have no shame in just cutting off the mold . I also love sneaking bites of raw meat before it goes into stir fries
At this point, my liver’s probably dying from the parasites and pesticides, but no shame


Okay, should he be proud of being a pedantic troll to his wife (not saying that as an insult, I have to admit that’s some funny shit), or proud that he has a wife who puts up with his shit?


Sunday Morning breakfast meat fest … yeah we are carnivorous in this household .


Mmmm, the sheen of hot grease that just stopped sizzling on sausage and bacon… I’m hungry now. Ready for some corned beef this afternoon…


What does the rest of the family eat?


I have to know, is that plate followed by eggs fried in the grease? Because that’s the only right way to do it.


For the record Sunday mornings are the only time I eat like that.