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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I mean, they already made it start off looking like a ransom note: I just made it a bit more on the nose.


Just walked down the hall in our facility, walked just far enough to see and realize that it’s lunchtime for everyone else, saw that they were sitting in the cafeteria, did a real quick about face to avoid literally everyone I know and work with. I am 20 minutes from being done with my work day/week and have absolutely zero urge to be a people person (that’s the confession, I guess.) Having co-workers can be exhausting.


I encountered a woman who was doing adaptive karate, and when she described sparring with a blind man, I confess I wondered if I could join the class without having a disability.



I recently came across several post by the same young man as of late on another part of this forum. I find his claims highly suspect at the moment.

First post:

255 bench
425 squat
405 deadlift

Now lets move ahead 14 months…
update on my stats:
750/390/625 @242 17yrs old, raw with wraps.

Now if hes being honest I am intrigued … Because hes a genetic freak and we should be hearing about him in a very short amount of time.

If not…well



No, Robot. I am asking for an estimate that gives us a better picture than quite often. For example:

A few: if it has happened fewer than 5 times
A dozen or so: if it has happened more than 5 less than 20
Dozens of times: more than two dozen less than a a dozen dozens
A hundred times or all the time: if it essentially happens every time you go to the gym

Or something similar using some commonly understood scale.that communicates to the rest of us whether this is very regular or something that’s happening now and again.

Make sense?


I was watching the Paralympic blind/partially sighted swimming with my wife (who likes to swim and wears glasses) and she asked with 100% seriousness if I think she would be allowed to compete.


Does she identify as blind?



I would need to see these before I’d believe them.


Are there any pictures or videos? Training log? Or just claims?


Just claims so yeah at this point in taking it with a huge grain of salt.


I think the fact you were both watching it vs you describing it to her in braille is a sign that she’s unqualified.


She had her glasses on obviously. I assume she thought the blind swimmers also put there glasses back on and drive home afterwards.


I’ll be honest that I genuinely was replying just so I could use the phrase “describe it in braille”


If people want to lie online, I just let them lie online. They are only wasting their own time, not really ours.

But that is A LOT of weight gain in one year. I know Zion (from Duke) gained 100lbs in one year in HS. But usually people like that are too busy to be posting in forums lol.


I also wear glasses. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could set my sights higher (sights, hahaha) than adaptive sport, but now I’m wondering what other blind events they might have.

Hahaha, this kills me. But I’m 100% with her.


I watched Martins Licis’ latest YouTube video.

He is most definitely my favorite strongman.

Plus I now have a thing for his Mom. 50 yrs old??? -muy caliente!


Best comment from the Martins video:

Martins mom is a MILTLAARBMWKM!
A Mom I’d Like to leave alone and respect because martins would kill me.


What subforum is this in?


Earlier in the week:
Wife: can you pick up some fruit?
Me: what do you want?
Wife: I don’t know, apples, oranges maybe some berries
Me: come back with apples, oranges and avocados
Wife: why did you buy avocados?
Me: you said get some berries.
Wife: confused
Me: avocados are a berry
Wife: what are you taking about?
Me: continue to be annoying for about 10 minutes before showing her that avocados are actually berries

Later in the week, driving:
Me: I’m bored, let’s play a game. I pick a letter then we each take turns naming a country beginning with that letter. When you can’t name a country, you lose. Winner picks next letter.
play with A, then D, then E, then G
Ghana, Greece, Germany, Guatemala
Wife: Greenland
Me: I win!
Wife: What? I said Greenland, that’s a country
Me: No, it’s not.
Continue to be annoying for about 10 minutes then get her look it up, Greenland not a country

Other night:
Me: Dog is sweating everywhere.
Wife: What?
Me: He’s sweating everywhere
Wife: Dogs sweat by panting, hes not panting
Me: Dogs regulate their body temperature by panting there’s no sweat involved. We regulate our body temperature by sweating.
Wife: That’s dog sweating
Me: continue to be annoying for 10 minutes then show her dogs sweat through their paws

Wife: John and Beth (Canadians) are at dinner tonight
Me: Did you know when the moose was first found, they thought it was a breed of camel and was known as the Canadian Camel. It only became a moose about 80 years ago
Wife: Really? Wow seemingly accepting of any bit of useless trivia that comes from me
Wife: to her Canadian friends Did you know the moose was first known as a Canadian Camel?
Me: had to leave the room because I couldn’t contain my laughter

My confession is I am more proud of this series of events than anything else I have achieved in my life.


I’m a bit envious of this.

How did you get her to listen? (don’t admit to anything incriminating, of course)