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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I have never asked to work in and been told no, and I have never said no to anybody asking me to work in.


Again, quite often.

Are you asking me to give the exact number of times? Sorry, I don’t remember that.

Because it happened quite often.

Maybe it’s because I lift at a 24hr fitness and I’ve only encountered people who aren’t very considerate.

Or maybe I come off as rude?


Just realized that I typed “quit often” in my first response to you. Sorry, I didn’t notice that I made a typo!


Isn’t he fueled by cookies and hi-c?


I’ve also lifted at a 24hour fitness type place for the last 9 months and I’ve never been told no. I rarely ask though, as I pick my times well and sometimes look at the weight being used and just can’t be bothered to switch them over every set.


One of the major reasons why I stopped bench pressing is actually because I got annoyed by how people took so damned long and how frequently they said "no"when I asked if I can work in.


I’ve not had to ask for bench recently, luckily. In the past I’ve found that by working in on bench, you get a built in spotter and cheerleading squad which I’m absolutely not looking for.


I’ve thought about this. I think a lot of them are crazy and like attention. This is probably a higher cause for them while getting the same attention.

Another thing is I don’t think they believe they have really earned, and deserve their level of financial success. Alyssa Milano can’t act. Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry can’t fucking sing. J.K Rowlings writes sllly stories about wizards and gets hundreds of millions for doing nothing when movie studios adapt her books into movies. We don’t see this happening for celebs like top athletes who despite having been blessed with top genetic abilities, still have to secure their titles with very long and hard bouts of physical training. There’s probably also some kind of guilt involved.

Then we get into the commie kind of virtue signaling, which is telling the Red Guards and everyone else your neighbor is a counter revolutionary, hence preemptively showing your allegiance to the state so you don’t get accused next, and because he just bought a nicer tv set than your’s at the black market… Asia Argento allegedly sexually abused a minor. She was one of the loudest voices in the #metoo movement. I suspect this is also the reason why white, upper middle class guys are calling out others for being white.

Asia Argento is hot, though. Like really fucking hot…


Wow, your gym is full of assholes.

Now, I’ll never ask to work in if there are already 2 or more people on the bench, unless its just 2, working on similar weights to me and taking long breaks. Thats my initial consideration and possibly why our results differ?

That said, when I ask to work in with someone I’ve only ever heard one of 3 responses or a paraphrase thereof:
1- Ok sure.
2- There are already (x) of us working in (because one or more of them wasnt standing at the bench and I hadnt realised they were working in) - a very reasonable no.
3 - I only have (x) sets left ( (x) being a low number, indicating that if i just wait 1 or 2 sets I can have the bench, and working in isn’t worth the effort) - an equally reasonable ‘not yet’


I have been told I can’t work in once, and that was on a lat pull down machine. He was a dick about it, and that really went against the atmosphere of the gym. The guy finished and moved to the low row

The next week, I see him on the lat pull down. Being the grow up I am I went on the low row, he finished then hovered near the low row. After I had done around 5 sets he finally asked how many I had left. I said a few, then he said those words I was waiting for “Can I work in?”

Can’t remember my exact words but it was something along the lines of “go suck a tramps dick”


I don’t normally encounter dicks so I only have one funny incident that happened recently in a small gym I sometimes go to after hours.

A dude was sitting on a bench doing pretty heavy side raises beside me in front of the dumbbell rack. His girlfriend was beside him doing her own shit with the dumbbells in front of the mirror.

This dude would moan with every rep. After his third set, his girlfriend started literally yelling at him, “Shut…UP! Are you CRYING?You sound like YOU’RE CRYING!”. I dropped my weights and started laughing uncontrollably. Because the gym was almost empty, the laughter was very loud. The dude got up and walked away in embarrassment. I felt bad about it and thought of going up to him and apologizing but I didn’t know what to say to him lol.


Lol for some reason my mind keeps going to the scene in Deadpool when they are celebrating international women’s day in the bed room. I get the mental image of the couple doing the same and her saying the same as she did in the gym.


What serious powerlifters do we find working in a commercial gym? I’m talking about Retro Fitness, not Elitefts. Also, if I’m resting 10 minutes between squat sets of 5, I’ll be more than happy to let you do your sets and help you load/unload the bar. It’s just common decency.


Let powerlifting die


Already happened; what you’re watching is a zombie movie.

“Powerlifting: RAW!”


I think so too.


I was more curious if quite often meant a dozen times, a hundred times, twice, something else?

And whether you get told no every time, half the time, a few times?


Right, so you are asking me to give the exact number of times.


Mystery solved, lol.


Ok t-nation, you’re starting to scare me now




I don’t know what’s scarier, your reinterpretation or all the different fonts, colors and capitalization schemes in one poster.