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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Confession: I still reference this video all the time.

“not now chief, I’m in the fucking zone”


Jamie goes off on some weird tangents, but his blog was always interesting, if not safe for work.


I can understand that for something like a cable machine but definitely not a squat rack. I’m not trying to spend my entire rest period unloading the bar, moving it to a different height along with safety pins, reloading the bar, then reversing the process


With this being flame free I will specify that I share this not in refusal, but more for the sake of sharing, in that this is a mentality that hasn’t gelled with me. As a home gym owner, if I don’t spend my rest times unloading bars, moving equipment, and setting up for the next lift, I pretty much don’t get to train.

In a commercial gym, I once worked on sets of 495 on squats with a dude that was shrugging 9 plates per side. After each set, we’d strip all the plates off the bar, move the bar up or down depending on which movement was next, then load all the plates again and repeat. By the time we were done unloading and moving, it was time for the next person’s set. Was a great workout; no downtime at all.

Aren’t we at the gym to lift weights and get exercise?


I often see Ben(ch)Polkov on Reddit getting into it with people who moan about rest times, because he rests 5-8m between reps on pretty much everything. Paraphrasing but he says that his goal is to move the most weight possible in that session so longer rest/more recovery helps that. He seems to have basically zero concern about athleticism/movement beyond what is required to be a competitive powerlifter.

It’s just interesting to see how you and he, both very strong dudes, have such different approaches. Of course he spends 3-4 hours in the gym each session so it’s not super realistic for most people.


That’s a big part of it. I budget myself an hour to train. Ben’s a good dude too, and we agree far more than we disagree.



Yep I can vouch for you on that… Young lady last weekend if memory serves was in 8 different sub divisions. For the record the oldest opted to leave again once he had done his last attempt.


If it did happen…( which is highly unlikely) Another Fed would just take its place. New Feds pop up just like Bastard children


I did that for my first one too. Thought it meant something, haha. At the end, I looked for the division with the hardest numbers to beat and entered that one.

My confession is that I have discovered I can eat pistachios, or I can eat quest bars, but I can’t eat both on the same day, or else my digestion gets messed up. And my confession is that I’ve found this out the hard way.


You know im all about equality… but sometimes I feel that movement is less about that than preferential treatment.


Yeah this is his third where he said lets go…could care less about hardware. Bad part with all those divisions as you know is that even setting records can be meaning less , since it can be so watered down. It was a shit meet for him and he still set three state records which we found out a few days latter.


Yeah, it’s the perfect opportunity for someone to become a guru. I’ve seen it locally as well. Someone marketing themselves as a “record holding powerlifter”, which sounds like a big deal if you don’t know anything at powerlifting, but my wife was totally ruthless in saying “Oh, cool, so they’ve lifted in 1 meet”


Yep… I have known several guys like that in real life.
Reminds me of a certain You tube guy that has done the same thing… Whom I will not mention on principle now.

Lets just go ahead and say what they are doing…



Confession: I might just not train because I don’t want to. I also have no reason to, at least right now.


I think there’s merit to the idea of social justice. But the MOB consists of a bunch of morons who are more interested in virtue signaling and bringing people down than seeking actual justice for the supposedly aggrieved.


The only reason there is to train is because YOU want to. You can get into underlying reasons contributing to why you want to, to be healthy, look good, be strong, whatever, but it all comes down to desire.


Yeah, my desire is gone. Food isn’t staying in my body, and I wake up 5 times a night with a stomachache. How would I possibly be able to expect progress? That’s just stupid.


Even if you can’t make progress, I would pass on some advice that’s recently been given to me courtesy of @JMaier31 and @bustedwheel. Even when you’re not feeling it, do Something. that way when you’re back healthy, and “on” again, you won’t have regressed majorly. It doesn’t have to be full-blown, serious workouts, just some bodyweight stuff, or a run, or a little light weight training.


100% agree with this. You need to be shooting for normal for a while. Pushing for getting your body weight and your lifting numbers back up by eating in an extreme manner is only going to make things worse.

Small steps.


It may sound counterintuitive but I like to relax when I lift, probably a habit that has carried over from my running days when relaxing while working hard is a necessity.

Over the last year or so I’ve really tried to limit the variables during my workouts to see what I respond to best. From one workout to the next I just make small adjustments to sets/reps/weight to see how it affects me. If I have to change my rest period and how I rest for someone else to work in it’s no bueno. I get the whole “just work hard” thing and that will get me the majority of the results but I’ve had a lot of fun making little tweeks and seeing what happens.

For my situation though, I workout in a small gym and avoid going during peak hours so usually any and everything I want is available whenever I want it. I guess I could see it being different in one of those huge, super crowded gyms I see on youtube but that’s never been the case for me so I’ll stick with my current opinion about it