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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


In your (anyone who cares to reply) experience at powerlifting meets, does everyone who wins their class get some sort of acknowledgement (ribbon, podium, prize of some sort, etc.)?
I’ve only participated in two meets and both had two prizes given out, 1) Top Male Wilks and 2) Top Female Wilks. They both received a trophy or ribbon or plaque or whatever, but also a Rogue Ohio Power Bar (which is obviously the real prize here).

I came second in my class at one meet, and first in the other, but nobody (including myself) cared about that. I think only 2-3 people were in my class. Yay, I beat one dude who just started lifting…


When did this happen?

*Never mind I found it.


Dude I once played in a badminton tournament and in the first round beat a guy with 1 arm, the next round I got a by as my opponent pulled out injured. I reached the semi finals of a pretty major badminton tournament… a win is a win lol


Confession: Every time I listen to a podcast with an exceptionally strong human being on it, I immediately want to dump what I’m doing and do what they’re doing, ha. Latest case in point, listened to Dan Green and Louie Simmons, and Green was talking about how he focuses a lot on heavy front squats and that he feels it helps tremendously with his back squat (which…duh, logically I know that, but why haven’t I wanted to do it until he said it?!) What’s my first thought? "Shit, D! You should max out on fronts, and then substitute fronts for backs for a few cycles, let’s do that right fkn now, this instant. " …but in all seriousness, I might do that haha


I did 3 meets, all run by the same dude. Great guy, loved the sport. Whoever won their class got a medal, and then a trophy was given to the best lifter overall based off coefficient. Since it was NASA, there was full powerlifting, push pull, and powersports (push pull with a max curl as well). And then there were a few dozen divisions as well, and you could enter as many as you wanted, so it wasn’t uncommon to come away with a ton of medals.


Box front squats will make your deadlift go up.




You’ll forgive me, but due to our generational gap I don’t believe I understand what you are communicating with those 3 emojis.


If you love the sport, why did you leave?


I wasn’t saying I loved the sport: I was saying the guy running the meet did. The sentence should read as “[he was a] great guy [that] loved the sport.” Kinda like if I were to describe a bucket of popcorn and said “I went to the theaters and had a bucket of popcorn. Great popcorn, covered in butter”, the implication wouldn’t be that I covered myself in butter, haha.


Thanks for the mental image I now can’t unsee…


At least it is Deep Water friendly…


You talking about Rich Peter’s by chance?


Lifters seem to feel that they’re pretty entitled to things.

They seem to think they’re entitled to holding up the squat rack with 5+ min rest times and no one can work in, for example.


Nah, not someone that high up. Local dude in North Dakota. Great ambassador for the sport though.


The GOAT :slight_smile:


More fun with the facebook page.




I actually really enjoy Paul Carters take on lifting. His lift-run-bang blog is gold.

Another blog I found online randomly I really enjoyed is easternbloclifting @ blogspot. I don’t know the author but lots of a good information in there as well.


Greatly enjoy Paul’s blog as well. Facebook of his goes in a different direction.

Also enjoyed Jamie Lewis’ “chaos and pain”, but haven’t read his bew blog.


These fakers should not be called lifters. They should be called fat, unconditioned and spoiled slobs. If you don’t let people work in, you’re more than most likely a fucking douchebag.