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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Pretty sure the IPF adopted the IOC policy and allows trans athletes to compete with the gender they identify with. USAPL is misaligned here.


These people should not be trusted. :grinning:

Yes, but eliminating any semblance of winning ANYTHING isn’t fair to the guys like you and I who would work to win a meet (only if, of course, you decided to do a meet — wink wink nudge nudge get in there and pull 675 cough cough :wink:).


I’ve done 3 meets already. Won 1 too. I’m good.

And i you wanna win a meet with the all open rule, it’s pretty easy; just take all the drugs and wear all the gear, haha. FINALLY powerlifting is unified.


But the real question is, can I go squat 600 pounds with a 4 ply squat suit and wraps? I don’t think so, haha. The stronger guy will still win at the end of the day.


Oh. Then the IPF is fine, and will soon have a lot of new “women’s” records.


Although it’s not powerlifting I’ve done 2 strongman comps and took last place both times. It’s because I’m not running tren and wearing multiple deadlift suits!..right?


Where do you think I get the idea of an open comp from? Haha.


You’re an excitable fella aren’t you?

Here’s my take- a new congresswoman grabbed a headline and got herself some juice with her fans (a small special interest group).

My wife does the same thing in a management position. She’ll strategically make a little kerfuffle on behalf of her employees, which amounts to nothing, but in their eyes is important. Then on Friday she brings in cake. Next week everybody has moved on but they remember that she’s the hero and has cake. So when she tells them that they have to work overtime or Saturdays they say “OK!”.

There is probably a formal name for that strategy somewhere, but I just call it “Yeah! Left over cake Friday!”.


Eh. Not so much excitable as pissed off at this particular situation. I see where you’re coming from, but I just hope this little charade doesn’t result in the deletion of the USAPL from PL history.


Too many people overlook this attitude. It’s what wins meets, no matter what federation or division. Do EVERYTHING to give yourself the biggest edge possible. That may include breaking some rules, so there’s a risk of getting caught. But it’s just that: a risk. Not a certainty.


I gotta disagree with one thing here.

Ilhan Omar isn’t stupid. She is a sociopath.


This is bad.

If the online outrage mob goes after him, I may actually prove it’s possible to laugh myself to death.


Pretty sure I could show up at any USAPL and take home a first, but there needs to be a caveat.

I’m 55, and weigh 180. Nobody ever shows up in my weight and age class, so I could squat 290, DL 315. and BP 225, all my lifetime maxes, and have an 830 total and win my class.

I could probably also squat 135, BP 135, and DL 135, for a 405 total, and win my class.

The first would produce a Wilkes of 253. The latter, 123.

Both suck, both win my class.

So, do I want to show up and get a ribbon, or do I want to show up and compete?


If you leave the meet having challenged yourself and met/exceeded your own expectations, you have succeeded. Who you compete against in a local setting is inconsequential. Just go out there and kill it, you ancient beast.


If there’s one thing I like about Rip it is that he seems impervious to fucks. People that have too many may throw theirs at him, but they bounce off and fall fruitlessly to the ground.

So there he stands, with zero fucks. Like an obsidian monolith of indifference in world of word wielding warriors with way too many fucks.


Yes, I’ve always acknowledged his sense of humor even though I don’t think much of him as a coach. I’m secretly hoping that screenshot will get spread and the SJW mob starts engaging him.


Fixed that for you.


Or… if you are just trying to do your best, you could stay home and do that shit for free! :wink:


Monoliths can’t lean on everything. Rip can. Rip > obsidian monoliths. In fact, here he is, leaning on the ruins of his forum after SJW leftists sue him for everything he’s worth and make him shut down his website for being “transphobic”.



*Adjusted so that he could look at the floor