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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I saw Bela Fleck and the Flecktones in about 1985 or so - they were awesome.


I confess that, whenever I see a dude on social media that is open about steroid usage wearing a Punisher shirt, I get a chuckle over the fact that they most likely never actually read the comics. Such as this one, where he shoots a bunch of dudes guilty of the crime of selling steroids

Wearing the symbol of a vigilante dedicated to punishing those who break the law in such circumstances has to be some form of irony.


I wore mine to squat this morning, and luckily I neither take steroids, nor look at all like I do either. Being skinny never felt so good :sunglasses:


All those silver plates look so nice.

On a side note, I miss squatting 3x a week lol.


Confession: I sometimes want to cut down to sub-10% BF as a primary fitness goal.

However, my main motivation for doing so is NOT aesthetics, health or performance but simply the justifiable gargantuan cheat day I could allow myself at the end of the road.


Just thinking about sub 10% is enough work. Go eat that cheat meal, you earned it


My Family Doc was wrong I dont have a Hernia … Thank God


So what’s the issue, if it’s not a hernia?


His abs are growing abs, just a symptom of swolitude.


Merle Travis paved the way for Chet Atkins, who paved the way for Tommy Emmanuel - arguably the best acoustic guitar player in the world. I’ve seen him 4 times and they were the best performances I’ve ever seen.

And here’s Tommy playing a Merle song with his finger split wide open.


Man, that guy is smooth.


He’s also a world class drummer - his song “Mombasa” features a sick drum solo performed using a guitar. Videos are great, but check tour dates in your area- he tours often but is getting up there in age, and I can promise you, when you’re with him when he’s playing (all 4 times I saw him were at B.B. Kings in NYC, and he always brought up a promising young musician to play a bit with him), the noises he makes on the guitar are indistinguishable from a drum set/bongos/brushes etc.
He is fun, interactive with the audience, and above all, a master of his craft due to a lifetime of nonstop practice and innovation.

In his rendition of “Blue Moon”, he plays, simultaneously on one guitar with no loop - bass, rhythm, lead, and drums. I could go on and on about the guy.


Please do…

What albums/ live concerts would you recommend?


You lucky lucky bastard!!’ Good new mate


Just sign up for a powerlifting meet with a 24 hour weigh in. After weigh in, a massive cheat is not only justifiable, its basically part of your training routine.


At work, we want one of the teams we work with to use a bit of software to complete one of their tasks they need to do with us but they are resistant to the idea.

I was going through their concerns with my manager. He cut me off and advised me that I should buy them two samosas to share between their team (of 7)

I was going to ask how that would help but then I figured this was weird code asking me to shut up and go away. So I did.

Then he emailed me a menu from some Indian place and now I can’t figure out if he’s messing with me as some kind of weird mind game.


That is weird but I often find samosas solve a lot of problems.


In a not shell over time the connective tissue between my upper abdominals have stretched slightly. The pain I have noticed can be blamed on nothing more than a abdominal strain. Got orders to take it easy for the next two weeks .


It pisses me off that outsiders who have absolutely ZERO experience lifting weights (think JK Rowling and Rep. Ilhan Omar) want to bring political correctness into the powerlifting circle…do they not realize that a trans woman will almost ALWAYS have a competitive strength advantage over a cis woman? Stupid people.

Give trans men and women their own divisions to compete in and make competition fair. The USAPL was stupid for banning them.


I think it’s fairer to say that the USAPL clarified that their rule on athletes who undergo hormone therapy, regardless of whether it is for performance enhancing, lifestyle or quality of life purposes, applies equally to trans athletes as it does to other athletes.