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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Sitting here as state meet bored . Since oldest is only doing push pull its going to be awhile until first attempt. Need more coffee!


The thick handled ones are hollow. They’re basically a cut down Apollon’s axle. The thick handles are 22" long in total, while the thin handled ones are 24" long. You can see Kroc using them in this video

Note the vice grips instead of collars, haha.


Okay thanks! I must admit I never thought about using vice grips :thinking:
I am looking at a joint of pipe to make an axle, and the shortest one I can get here is 21 ft. That’s 7 for the axle and the rest to make something else :grin:
I was thinking a scaled down version of the thick ones, like 16 inches with some flanges welded on. (It’s not like I am moving an real weight here.)
And maybe some farmers carry handles. Do you like straight? Or top load handles?


That is an absolutely bonkers set.


That was THE video that made me a Kroc fan back in 08. That and the 30 rep chins.

@ChickenLittle I like top loaders, as they are much easier to load, but side loaders have the advantage of being able to be loaded and then rolled into position.

Welded flanges are far more fancy than my gorilla tape collars, haha. I made a circus dumbbell out of some home depot buckets and a plumbing pipe like that. Worked well enough.


Thanks again! and Wow! How much did that weigh?


Thanks… got a feeling this will suck for awhile.


Around 12lbs empty. I think I had it loaded with 4 25lb plates in the test.


Do you still use it?


Nah, bought a real one from a company that went under quickly after. Used it to train for a comp though. Kept the pipe to use as a thick handle adjustable dumbbell.


Oldest and myself yesterday … Call me Captain Grey Beard!


Awesome hoodie. I’ll have to get that myself when I’m actually big and strong.


This maybe isn’t the right thread to post this, but if any of you guys play guitar you’ll get pretty wet over this:


Now I have a twitter account.

Ho ho ho


You like this kind of music? Do you listen to Bela Fleck? I managed to catch him live in a small performance with Victor Wooten once. The asshole did the banjo multiple string detuning thing to make it sound like he was using a slide while picking lol.


I thought only bass players who haven’t been laid in over 6 months* go to see Victor Wooten to relieve some sexual frustration.

*That would be all bass players :crazy_face:


That’s a probably a myth because it implies bass players ever get laid.

Uh oh…


Luckily, I play the violin (although I may be the exception to the rule, haha).


Once they see me bust out my fiddling, dem bitches can’t resist a good fiddling:



Bravo. slow clap