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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


So you probably have extension-intolerant back pain. Put your feet up on an aerobics step to keep your hips in flexion and you’ll fare a lot better.



Well got confirmation this morning… Will need to go under the knife. I assume in a very short amount of time for a repair job on something I have known about for over 5 years. Which I have been ignoring since it hasnt been causing issue. That is, not until a few weeks ago.


I’ll change mine to ripped shirtless Flanders if you want to take this one. I like the idea of confusing people who will think you’re me for a while, too.


It’s too late. You’ve ruined it for me forever.




Yep upper abdominal …


My current approach was to just be really weak, but if if ever change my mind I’ll give your way a try. Thank you.


When you mentioned hyperextending your spine I assumed you had a wicked arch to your form.


I had to cut for the first time this week, not a lot but enough to know water cutting isn’t for me. Went down 6lbs in 2 days.

I think I’ll just keep bulking, waking up with a headache and constant dry mouth is no fun. SHW here I come!


Even a very slight arch is enough to fuck me up when the weight gets heavy.

I need to be super careful doing pull ups too


Have you tried squeezing your glutes hard when you’re benching same as when you squat?


Sucks, man. Get well soon!


Ya. I tend to do that anyway but my hip flexibility is so poor it isn’t a fix.

I’m actually being slightly dishonest, as the last time I benched I didn’t need to do the thing with the step, so I think my mobility has improved a little. My shoulders weren’t happy about it but that’s another story…


Even though I am trying to lose weight I added thickened cream to my strawberry protein shake last night and it was bloody good!!


Try it with a can of coconut milk. You can thank me later.


That already sounds great. I was also thinking of using condensed milk.
I really can’t wait till I am bulking again and can eat like a pig (no offence @losthog or @guineapig).


IIFYM but you don’t count macros master race




I flex/squeeze the hell out of my glutes and abs when benching, just like I do when OH pressing. Never have strained my back benching. But I do get sore glutes and quads from benching. I push hard into the ground!


Are those hollow? And how long are they?