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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Semicolons are the feds: no one is quite sure where their jurisdiction actually is…


Does that make colons the CIA? - they end shit, but connect it.


Also, usually not the focus of calendars…


I was driving across the state a week or two back, drove through some back road town in the middle of Florida. Drove past a “Grandma Meat Market” Latin Grocery Store(small subtitle on the sign). Never seen anything that needed an apostrophe S more than that.


Here is my controversial flame free take for the month.

I am actively trying to ‘shrink’ right now. I have come to grips with the ideal aesthetic look for myself for an early 30’s professional is not being a muscular dude. I also care more about fashion and how I dress than looking like meat head and at this point in life I would rather be lean and athletic looking than being perceived as big relative to my frame.

Lifting weights has this weird way invading my brain and fighting for real estate to take the prime stage. I don’t know why or how, but for people like me with dopamine issues, it goes from healthy habit and lifestyle to addictive and destructive obsession real quick. For fucks sake I was literally on the fence about trying AAS a few months back.and think getting up to 195 was a mistake.


Today, for the first time since I started lifting, I have low back doms.

From benching.


Benching tears up my low back something fierce. I have to put aerobic steps under my feet to stop my back going into hyperextension.

Just wait until the first time you’re really, and I mean really grinding up a max effort bench and you get hit with a simultaneous glute, hamstring, low back and lat cramp! Shit is fucking devastating!


Last time I did an AMRAP bench set my glutes were the first thing to fatigue.

Which is weird, actually, because my chest is so piss-weak.


Was this just an elaborate way to say that benching is a real pain in the ass?



I feel like this would help you achieve more extension… Does your bench form look like you’re doing a glute bridge? Maybe you should post a picture.


I feel an explanation of the biomechanics of the hip would help you more!


Explain with photos please.


Well sure! So this is how I bench although I don’t use the stupid ball:


And sub in Groundskeeper Willie (shirtless) for that guy.


Yeah, it wouldn’t be bench day if I didn’t strain a hamstring or hip flexor. I’ve added stretches for those to my pre-bench routine.


I meant to change my avatar to Groundskeeper Willie for years but never got around to it, then that prick @mattjp beat me to it!


Might I recommend taking the physique of Mrs. Krabapple instead? Her (?) dress even matches the color of your avatar.


I thought I was the only one. Actually stopped me from pushing heavy weights on bench more than the fear of dropping that shit on myself.


Crikey! She’s way more built than I am