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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


But the studies showed!


“Have you READ the studies?”

“Here’s a link to an article!”

“What do the studies say?”

“The article says…”

“I’m talking about the STUDIES referenced in the article!”

“Here’s another article!”

“Again, have you read the STUDIES?”

“Lol, carry on believing your broscience, brah! I’m only interested in real science!”


Lol - my daughter is not curvy, at all. She’s 5’8" and 190 pounds, thicc. It’s kind of awkward when your wife (240) and daughter (190) outweigh you.

I think I can still take them, and know I can still take my son (he’s twelve), but it’s humbling when your twelve year old is way smarter than you.

And he is.

Just saying.


I could take my son, both my daughters, my son-in-law and my wife at the same time. If you threw my stepson into the mix I’d be in trouble though, I actually have him training and he knows how to wrestle. I could take him one on one still, but he’s only 16, so there will come a day when he’ll be able to kick my ass.

None of them are smarter than me, but they’re all right there with me at least.



Wife stopped at home on her lunch . She text me to inform me that the ssbar has already arrived. Talk about quick service ! Let’s see how long Rouge will take.

Also got my nerve up and informed the wife I bought the new Bench today… well sorta, it was via Text message.


Tell it’s for the boys, so they won’t hurt their shoulders, and end up beat up like you :wink:


Oh the temptation on a text like that

Text 1"You’re getting fat"

Text 2"pad bench in the mail in a few days as well, please look out for it"


So you can what, find out if the new bench is flammable?





Finished working out at the house today and then went to a commercial gym to just tan lol the people in there looked strange.


Ironically… I got conformation from Rogue that the damn frame is on route now and should be here tomorrow. The Damn Thompson Fat Pad is on hold for several days at the moment. Great I will have the frame and nothing else.


Me too brotha. So when do we see if it’s working 3-4 months and a mock meet?

Box squats are substantially harder than free squats


I was definitely taken back by the size of that pad when I saw it and imagined benching on it, but I can’t find a bad review about the thing - seems like an awesome purchase, especially for a wide guy.


Try benching on solid welded steel with just a thin layer of closed cell foam; it’s divine.

Or THIS monstrosity being sold by Mark Rippetoe


Notice how he is once again looking at the floor.

I don’t know WHAT the floor did to old Mark, but it musta been a bad BAD thing…


That’s how my dog looks at raccoons.


I’m going to have my very first job interview ever tomorrow.

I’m pretty nervous and excited.


The only negative I have seen mentioned is some guys are noticing too much of a difference when they train on it than go to a meet.


I liked the ones at my old gym, but definitely switched to comp size a few weeks out.


So you have used one of the Thompson ones?