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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Isn’t that usually considered safer than store bought? (Good maotai, etc, aside)


Yeah, probably in China. Shit, they sell whiskey with bloody anti-freeze and methanol in it lol. We only get the older, more established brands for rice wines in supermarkets over here. Nobody drinks rice wine here anyway.

That’s the problem with China and former socialist countries where a culture of black market trading and systemic government corruption has been bred. You can have the strictest laws and regulations in the world but if nobody is enforcing them, people simply aren’t afraid of breaking them.


Fucking Asians, ruining the curve for my daughter.


I have a punchline here about ruining a daughter’s curves but I feel like it would be in poor taste even for me…


Looking at TC’s article on Testosterone today, my thought is -what T-Nation really needs is an article on why TEENAGERS should not be juicing.

Does @TC Luoma work???


If TC writes it, it’s probably written like Buzzfeed had a baby with InfoWars. Don’t look too much into it.


My Fantasy is snorting coke off of hot bitches asses like on wolf of wall street :rofl:


Dont know how serious you are, but im gonna be a buzzkill cause you are still a kid, cocaine is a nasty habit to break so dont start.


Anyone wanna take bets on whether a teen is going to post something like this in the steroid forum:

“Hey guys, I’m thinking of doing a cycle of 1g test/week. I read that article by TC stating science says TRT is safe, so don’t give me bullshit about steroids being harmful yadda yadda yadda. My mind’s made up, so FUCK YOU!”




I’ve been training using The Conjugate Method for less than two weeks and I’m already addicted to the Westside Kool-Aid.


But it’s not enough volume! And assistance work is a waste of time! And the boxes are too high!


Keep in mind, also from the T-nation Instagram

I feel like the site is getting a little schizophrenic…


It’s a fantasy for a reason lol


Did you see the thread in the supplements section which basically said that if you have belly fat you need to go on TRT?


Fucking do it! Life is for living


Nope. What a dumb fuck. If you have belly fat, you need tren.


Because hookers and blow are expensive?


I mean, its almost as if they don’t realise there is a difference between medically supervised TRT and a cycle of 5 unknown Chinese compounds with no PCT


Yeah, they don’t. They only know science.