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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


this logic also justifies a half oz of blow and some whores


Own a prowler… Nowhere to use it




Yeah but that bench doesn’t seem like such a big deal after the hookers turn up.


I love that clip. I laugh every time.


I was asked a similar question just a couple of days ago during the Chinese New Year since everyone was buying lottery tickets. I didn’t answer because the only things that popped into my head were really “cat shelter, hookers and blow”.


Because of the comedy that is the english language, this sentence is far more amazing when understood to mean “cat shelter, cat hookers, and cat blow”


Cat hookers and cat blow wouldn’t be hard to find at cat shelters either. It’s like cat prison.


NOW I get the term “Cathouse”


I have no idea what “cat blow” is.


On a seperate note, I just found out my wife has been making her own rice wine for guests without telling me since I don’t drink, which is pretty fucking illegal here. I instinctly asked her 2 things:

  1. Will it make anyone go blind?

  2. Is there also a meth lab somewhere around the house that I might stumble upon?


ever the businessman


No, you have no idea how bloody strict the law is over here with regards to drugs. Bringing in over a certain amount of weed will get you the death penalty.


Haha, na man I’m actually well aware. Drug laws in your part of the world are insane.


That’s why the only fun we have here is studying math.


Oh I dunno, you guys have those vending machines with used underwear in them. Those look kinda fun, I guess.


That’s Japan. We don’t have them here. SAD!


Where are you? Singapore? That’s the strictest place I’ve ever been to…


Sorry, I’m not revealing my location. AFAIK Singapore doesn’t have the strictest laws BUT they actually enforce them.


Sorry, not trying to be nosy, just curious. I’m sure there are places with stricter laws on the books, but like you said, Singapore actually enforces them. I remember the dumbass American kid who got caned for theft and graffiti a while back. There’s a reason the city looks pristine. I actually really enjoyed my time there.