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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I mean, I’ve seen a bloody head pop out of my favorite diner and I still eat their 3 weeks out of the month…


We must eat at the same Waffle House.


I do miss waffle house (there aren’t any in MD as far as I know).




my best bet is probably stay off of here for a bit. Not been sleeping very well I am tired and feel beat up . Leaving my ability to overlook Bullshit low along with feeling pretty damn passive aggressive.



Well on a good note… the oldest son present his undergrad research project at the regional conference of the ACSM yesterday. Guess it went well even though his research partners bailed in going. So he ended up doing it on his own luckily his Professor was there to have his back if he got grilled on their findings.

I honestly would like him to join this forum just so he could tear guys apart (trolls) when they want to quote research studies as a bases for a feeble argument. Since God knows I sure the shit do not have that ability.

If he wasn’t built like me and had some of my facial features I would be asking his mother whom the hell was she doing when he was conceived! I take way more pride in what he does academically than anything else he could do… I keep getting amazed by him.


Not even close.


Haha I have to admit it took me a while to see that area in the same way again…

Enter misogyny accusations




Well at least it wasn’t a grapefruit. Or cheeseburger.


Folk who scoff at others for using their phone between sets…

Fuck off you cum filled cock sockets…

It makes my gym session fly in because I get really bored waiting for my energy levels to replenish and my missus goes bonkers when I ignore her in the house, by using said phone.

Oh sorry, will walking around with my hood up and shitty Dre Beats, slung over top gain your respect.

Honestly man :joy::joy:

‘Hardcore’ gym cunts are laughable. :joy::joy:



I have had to kick my wife out of bed 3 times in 4 weeks for coming in and starting to use her phone… seriously, WTF is wrong with people and their phones?


Dude, my wife does this and it drives me fuckin bonkers. “I just need to unwind”.


Have you considered lying on the floor with your head resting on an unloaded furniture dolly rolling from side to side while gasping like a fish out of water?

Makes the time just fly by.


I like having my phone handy for calculating percentages if I forget to figure out my weights before starting my workout. Once I get going I can’t be bothered to do anything other than plate math.


I like to look at boobies between sets.


1 pink 1 stink = the rocker
2 pink 1 stink = the shocker
2 pink 2 stink = the spocker
1 pink 3 stink = the show stopper


I set a timer for my rest. Sometimes I text between sets. Sometimes I’m just logging my training. Sometimes I eat Starbursts. Most days I’m gathering equipment or weights for the next set/exercise.

I’m not carrying on conversations via Bluetooth. Those guys annoy me. I’m not as hard core as @T3hPwnisher but even I think you shouldn’t be able to talk during your set.


What’s worse, Bluetooth guy or guy who talks to his workout partner with his headphones still in so he’s pretty much yelling his conversation?


Bluetooth guy because I always think he’s talking to me for a split second when we bump into each other at the water fountain.

For a brief moment I respond, usually saying “What?” And then I realize he’s on the phone. It’s like waving back to someone who was actually waving to the person behind you.


I gotta confess it’s getting colder so I’ve ditched my stringer tank tops for sleeveless hoodies.

But I’m listening to 90’s HK movie theme songs nowadays on my earphones, not Dre!

You’ve probably watched this one.