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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Yes, all that and a bag of ho-hos. :roll_eyes:


Lol, but yeah I’m starting to smell the bullshit .


Confession: I just discovered Post Mates and have turned into the laziest MF in my office. I had coffee delivered this morning and now I have a full lunch spread coming.


I confess that I have been benching on an Ironmind Five Star bench for the past 20+ weeks, purely because it’s made by Ironmind and I think it looks cool. I am nearly 100% certain it is an inferior bench by bench standards.


I have the sexier v. 1 model, which is all black.



Hot damn !! Got Email confirmation and UPS tracking number, bar is out the door and on its way!! I am getting sexually excited !!


Do you ever consider the possibility that you’re a cyborg who genuinely thinks it’s a human? I’m just asking because when you said the other model is sexier, it implies that you’re slightly turned on by an unaesthetic hunk of metal that resembles a middle school lab table. It would honestly explain a lot about you.


If I am programmed to contemplate if I have self-awareness, do I have it?


Awareness that you’re a human, or that you’re a cyborg?


Or simply that I am.


It depends. Are you reaching that conclusion because of, or in spite of your programming?


In his defense … I’m oddly the same when it comes to my stuff also :smirk:


There are no words for the previous few post…


I can’t shake being sick and I’m having a hell of a time eating and making it to the gym :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’m ready for warmer weather.


I just can’t understand the intimidation factor people feel. Today at the gym I met two fucking ENORMOUS dudes…one is 50 and the other is mid-30s and 20 days out from the Arnold. It’s incredible how fuckin huge guys like that are when you see them in person, especially mid-arms session. What you see on tv or in videos can’t begin to cover it. I got to talking to them for a bit and the 50 year old is still going strong after lifting for 33 years. That’s longer than I’ve been alive, and while I’m the first to preach the “marathon, not sprint” philosophy behind true lifelong lifting, I always catch myself being impatient. Nothing motivates me more than seeing how hard they were working. They left shortly after and I had a phenomenal workout. There should never be anything intimidating about big people in the gym, and they’re often the nicest people there. If you’re intimidated by them, try going to talk to them and getting some knowledge.


There’s a lot of truth to the advice that if you want to get strong, train at a gym where you’re the weakest person there. I usually train alone at my home gym, or at odd hours at my work gym, but when I train at the rec center I’m usually the strongest person there. It was eye-opening to train with other strongman competitors in Kansas City and Topeka…


I agree with the notion of training around stronger people. Everyone I tested had a stronger subscapularis than me so I started hitting the resistance band pretty hard, achieved anti-gravity strength!


Well I also decided it’s time to replace what I bench off of with this. Definitely going on a spending spree .



Yeah, I tried that, actually had no problem doing it on either side, but man was my subscapularis pumped after I did it!


Well just officially ordered the new bench from Rogue… wife is going to kill me :coffin:



May as well get a prowler as well. You’re dead anyway so go hard or go home