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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Hah, you such a weakling. I just finished a set of no hand pushups


I can only get my hand to move when upright by rolling my shoulder forward. Then I nearly dislocated my shoulder haha


I can’t find it in me to pull the trigger and purchase a air dyne bike not for the $$ most places are asking. Instead I’m getting ready to order this


If you want to save some cash for that airdyne, Titan makes a VERY comparable model for much less, with free shipping.

I have fallen out of love with Elitefts after dealing with their customer service enough times.


Really , luckily I have not any issues with them as of yet. Part of my issue about not wanting to spend money on a air dyne is because I already have a treadmill here at home.


But the reason you still want one is because treadmills suck!


When I have space to start building my home gym I’ll probably start with some kind of airdyne equivalent I find on Craigslist used. Cheap as possible but still does the trick.


Super sweet bar! I’ve been using the piss out of mine and love it.


I am getting an older aerodyne tomorrow. Fo free!!! F-R-E-E!


My dog has more miles on our treadmill than anybody else. And if I understand dogs, even she didn’t like it much.


Need to ask because I’ve never seen one in real life, how are airdyne bikes different than regular stationary bikes?



@flappinit I prefer the term sucks ballz regarding the treadmill


Yeah I’ve seen pics, but does it feel any different when you do it?


The airdyne has an arm component to it absent a stationary bike. Reference those pedals.

Also cool because the fan makes it such that, the harder you train, the more resistance you encounter.


I am genuinely considering running Starting Strength, as written, in the near future. I never really gave the program a chance because I was too gym-illiterate to realize when I needed to deload/switch to the advanced novice version. Only issue may be time spent in the gym towards the end of the LP…don’t have 2 hours to do 3 x 5 Squats. Either way, I’ll have to consider it. I can probably break up the work into 30 minute sessions 5 days/week.


Sometimes I have to bite my thumbs to keep from posting on some threads.


Bite other people’s thumbs. It’s more effective.

Because you will be in jail.


But you don’t know where they have been :nauseated_face:


But I could say the same of my own thumbs.


Fair enough!