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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Slowly replace all family photos with pictures of Stalin


With my face being displayed, such actions on a public forum would be a bad call. Google will yield many results I imagine.

It’s weird how regional it all is though. My wife grew up in Hawaii, and when I told her these jokes, she said they had the same tradition of making fun of the Portuguese.


One of my friends brought it into weightlifting class in school and let everyone try. It was an insane blend one of the guys passed out haha.


Things have changed!

When I was a kid, every one knew Polish jokes. Even before we could understand the punchlines, we had somehow learned the words.

Also everyone’s mother had a gallon of amonia under the kitchen sink and all the kids sniffed that shit when we got the chance.


One of my favorite things to tell someone one “Under your kitchen sink you will find several liquids: drink them all.”

Now we switched to tide pods.


This is going to be a pretty personal post but I’m so frustrated I don’t care and I just need to throw this somewhere.

So my cousin (27y/o) who lives with our grandma has been “abusing” her verbally, treating her very badly, and demanding money every day for almost a year now. The rest of my family, basically my mum and I, talked many times to him, gave him endless possibilities of redemption, and I even had to call the police on him once. Dude’s messed up, doesn’t have a job, and is a complete failure; he’s also been throwing his life away because of a woman.

Anyway, we just found out he stole grandma’s jewelry and wasted it on sport bets. All the gold my grandpa had given her as gifts when he was with us. I drove to my grandma’s place and had him confess while recording it, so now they can sue him if they want. Like I said, he’s been actively disrupting our family treating everyone with disregard and disrespect and with this action he definitely went too far and he needs to pay for his egoism. As if he wasn’t being given enough fucking money already. Disgusting selfish bastard.

That being said, after spending more than two hours after him, I was driving back to meet with my friends. I was pretty stressed and was talking to my mum on the phone (speakerphone) to update her on the situation as I’d just left my grandma’s place and she was very worried.

Long story short, I found a parking spot and parked there, if it wasn’t for the fact that my car wouldn’t quite fit in a single maneuver. I would’ve had to go into reverse just a tad and adjust, but due to distraction or whatever I went just an inch too far and hit (although at a crawl) the car parked near mine. The driver was into the vehicle and we verified there was little damage to her car, but still a few scratches were there. She told me we can work this out without dragging the insurance into it, and she’ll let me know how much is due.

I talked to my mum, dad, and grandma about this and they were all supportive (my dad, surprisingly and unusually so) and the latter told me she’ll pay for it since “it’s her fault.” My mom said that, “no other day could I have been more justified for being distracted than today.” But truth is, I am indescribably angry at myself and frustrated. I feel like an idiot. I was already insecure about my skills. I feel like I am not a good driver. And I really don’t know what to do about it. I feel completely incompetent and I am so saddened by me causing damage. And the worst part to this is that I don’t think there’s much I can do about it. I’m just scared getting back to driving and screwing up something again.

As if my cousin thing wasn’t enough.


People goof up when they’re stressed and distracted. A friend of mine was buying his first house and took out a fire hydrant on his way to the closing. I was pressed under a deadline and popped my finger like a zit in a big machine.

Sometimes a mistake is just that. A mistake. The more you do, the more you’ll make.


Yep shit happens. It won’t be the last time you mess up. Nobody got hurt, nobody died, just a minor inconvenience.

I got side swiped by a lady who didn’t give way at a round about. My car was my pride and joy, neither me, my wife or the lady and her small child got hurt. £4000 worth of damage but it all got sorted through insurance, like I say minor inconvenience.

Stuff like this can knock your confidence I understand that but it will soon be restored, even the best drivers have bumps.

Shit happens, don’t dwell on it.


Regarding the car thing. Calm down that’s the anxiety magnifying it into more than what it is.


Accidents happen. I have been driving on roads for nearly 25 years. In different countries, ranging from terrible conditions to great, differemt sides of the road, different road rules, from tiny cars to small trucks. In that time, I had zero marks against me. No speeding, no accidents, nothing.

I came to an intersection late last year. Good visibility, wide awake, no distractions, I obeyed the road signs, I drive through the intersection every day. It was a poorly designed road, I’ve had a few near misses there, so I am on alert.

There are enormous trees lining the road that happened to create a blindspot. I enter the intersection and happen to look for traffic just where the blindspot is. Before I know it I drive straight into another car.

My car totaled, the other guy’s car totaled. I have minor injuries to my hand and knee. The other guy went into shock. Low impact but still terrible for everyone.

Point is, there is always a risk no matter how perfect you are and how careful you are being. These things happen ut nobody was hurt. Time to get back on the bike. The apprehension will get better with time.


Well intentioned, but probably not the right thing to say to someone with anxiety.


I’m speaking from my own experience.I have a anxiety disorder myself.


Got it, me too. I was just thinking that if I could calm down I would and having someone tell me to calm down does the opposite. But we’re all different.

I remind myself to breathe and that I am safe right now.

No offense intended, just a different point of view.


So we did manual muscle tests at school today and apparently my subscap is non-existent. If I lay on my stomach and try the movement below I can’t even lift my hand off my back, gravity be too strong.

Apparently this is a common problem with lifters so give it a shot!


Thank you man, anyhow don’t worry, I am very introspective and very well realize that I have a problem with anxiety. Personally I feel much better once I am able to track how I’m feeling down to anxiety. In part, it helps me realize that most of it is just in my head and not a real issue.


Is this a strength issue or mobility issue? I probably couldn’t do that and someone trying to lift my arm from that position would likely meet a lot of resistance at rest.


Could be either one. For me, I can move my hand away from my back when sitting (gravity eliminated) but laying down (against gravity) my hand is just stuck. It’s a pretty small movement either way.

I’d guess if you have a hard time even getting your hand back there mobility would be a bigger concern


Just tried this, can do it no problem, but somehow I can raise my right arm further up than the left one.


Show off! If I try to hold my hand back while standing up someone can just push it in with 1 finger very easily


I just finished a set of behind the back one handed pushups.