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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Perhaps they’re doing a good job of showing the truth?

Cops pull tickets for family and friends. It happens. Three cops nearby were recently fired for not arresting a drunk off duty cop for DUI.

The race thing actually feels like us vs them. For me (ya know, not a racist), I see that mentality in the neighborhood I patrol. It’s mostly black and the kids are taught that we’re the bad guys.

I have my prejudice like every other human, but I like to think I base my judgements off of actions, not skin color. I dislike all stupid people equally!

We’re fortunate here and have a group of pastors/reverends who support us. They’re our connection with the community and I think it helps us avoid shit like Ferguson.

A couple years ago an undercover detective shot a black teen with a rifle as he ran towards a school with a gun in his hand. There was a basketball game being played. The kid ran from a traffic stop and a homicide suspect was thought to be in the car. It was a justified shooting by all accounts (video at the school) but it could’ve blown up in a hurry.

In regards to the big events you cited - that’s just bad writing and unrealistic. I see a lot of that in the show - like when Danny and his partner always lead the way for the SWAT team when they make entry. Sorry, folks! Detectives don’t get to play SWAT. They wait at the station/office.




Phew, I really had to think and for a moment I wasnt sure and thought I might be one of these people that doesnt understand overlap in programming.


I think the show is inundated with bad writing, but the moral stands they take followed by their constant rule breaking and abuse of authority gets to me, because I know lots of police and none of the ones I know do things like that. Except the ticket pulling, I’m sure that happens, and I couldn’t care less if it wasn’t preceded by the broken windows argument. It may be counterintuitive, but me being a big supporter of the police is what makes me so critical of this stuff.


Thanks. You too

*No good maotai in the states but I’ll make do


There’s definitely a lot of latitude that can be played with. Growing up I was friends with one cops son. There was quite literally nothing I could do to get arrested by his dad. Slapped upside the head with a blackjack, thrown in the car and ass kicked at home- absolutely. Arrested though- nope. My dad also drank with all of them except the one guy. The one guy- who when given the chance threw my ass in jail on 25k bond and 25 years worth of charges.

There is a lot of stuff like that, to varying degrees.


As one of the police, I appreciate that. There are a lot of cop shows on TV so I just accept them for what they are - entertainment. Unfortunately, the general public believes the crap they see on TV and expect us to do that stuff in real life. You wouldn’t believe how many people think the traffic sensors at intersections are cameras.


I wonder if the people who frequent the Politics and World forum section actually keep training logs. I’ve looked on a few people’s profiles from there, and I have not seen one question about weightlifting/exercise.


I worked on an IT project with police for a short stint. The amount of NCIS shit that got discussed by our project was staggering, the police just wanted less paperwork and not to need to retype the same shit into 20 different places haha

The number of folks who believed police were endlessly monitoring their activity and had them on their radar for mentioning drugs or some crap on social media was unreal.

I used to say, you need to be a pretty bag guy for them to pick you up. But if you’re a bad guy, dont get caught. You don’t want police holding your information, that’s your biggest worry not jail.


LOL… yeah I see allot of the newer guys whom try and write their own stuff not understand that concept. Especially when they are doing a shit ton on volume on pressing and turn around in the same session and damn near match it on working their triceps alone. I got a list of three muscle I feel get beat the hell out of them because of this lack of understanding. Triceps…shoulders( specifically front delts) and lower spinal erectors.


The Off Topic section too. I think it’s absolutely bizarre.


It’s hilarious. It’s as if they have nowhere else to argue about inconsequential shit.


I can see why there’s a PWI section- keep that stuff there, for sure, but I figured it’d be people who lift weights also having political opinions, not people who come onto a weightlifting forum to solely discuss politics. Weird.


There training fingers with a slight calorie burn


What better place to debate politics and flex your e-peen than on a site with TESTOSTERONE in the name


I always figured it stood for Tummysticks


Idiots dont have borders


My dad’s Polish jokes would have you believe otherwise…


For some reason I have the urge to talk about basketball.


Hey, my girlfriend is Polish! Quick, give me some jokes so I can annoy her.