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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Lol if I kept such a diary I would be in a lot of trouble if it ever gets posted on social media. Like laughing throughout The Passion of Christ.

Flame free…


Sort of related… I have been binge watching Lucifer so thanks for ruining my life.


I read that netflix picked it up for it’s latest season. Really excited to see what will happen now that they can really push the envelope.


I’m on like episode 16 of season 2. I don’t know what it is about the show, but I can’t stop watching it! I wanna bang the detective as much as he does.


She wears granny panties. I like his minion. She’s one hot Indian chick.


I don’t give a fuck what she wears, lol.




Watching a historic documentary, reality show or game of thrones with my wife:

Me: laughs or sarcastic comment
Her: look of horror then “You really are a terrible person”

Then repeat every 15 minutes


Just doing the devil’s work.

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year


Exactly the same with mine. I’m quite surprised at how many “Rape of Nanking” jokes I can improvise. I also don’t think she wants to watch the next John Wick movie with me.


I’ve watched Blue Bloods for 7 seasons so far, and try as I might, I can’t help but classify every cop in the family, with the possible exception of Jamie, as the worst, most incompetent fools to ever hold any kind of authority in society. Especially Danny.




I hardly read articles on here anymore. I just go on the forums and catch up on my favorite threads.


Ha same. For a couple years I would read EVERY article as soon as it came out.

I’ve probably only read 3 in the last year, usually when I accidentally hit the link for the main site rather than the forums and something catches my eye.


I read everything for like 8+ years. Still read anything new CT puts out there as I I’ve used his programs off and on my whole training life. Not saying there’s not good content still, I just get the itch to add too many things or switch up what I’m doing mid program. So I do better with less distractions.


Mostly the same reason I stopped. Too many articles, too many new training programs / styles to try = no progress. Sometimes Ignorance really is bliss.


I don’t think some people understand the concept of overlap in programming routines.


What!? How can you say Frank is incompetent? It will never happen but I would love to work for someone who chooses his people over politicians and public demands.

And Danny isn’t incompetent. His character is a bit too old school for modern society. He’d be fired by now and the department would pay millions on civil suits. I can’t even begin to cover the ways his cases would be tainted by illegal actions (not criminally illegal, but the type of illegal that makes evidence and statements inadmissible).


Hasty generalization on my part - Frank is not incompetent. He can be a gigantic hypocrite though, and has moments of bold faced racism.

But first, Danny. Okay, so Danny wants to catch a serial killer. So he taunts him in the news. So the serial killer kills people to get back at Danny. So Danny taunts him again, so the serial killer makes Danny listen to him abducting someone who gets killed. So Danny has a plan. He taunts the serial killer directly on the phone until the serial killer hangs up. Danny figures the serial killer is heading for his family. He rushes to his house. Which means he used his family as bait for a serial killer without notifying any police to be waiting for the guy. Surprise, his niece gets taken anyway.

Danny meets an Arab. Arab says there’s a bomb. Danny accuses Arab 100 times, insults him, shoves him, berates him. Turns out the Arab is right, countless lives are saved. Arab is never seen again. That episode literally ends with the Reagans sitting around the table toasting to “ignorance is bliss.”

Frank talks about broken windows like a broken record, the idea being that if they let anyone get away with anything, it will lead to more crime. Period. No room for discussion. Except when they try to indict cops for pulling traffic tickets out of the pile for friends and family. Then we should just leave them be. Frank also talks about “us and them” when they deal with any black neighborhoods.

The grandpa is the worst of all of them, as he has the biggest judgemental streak of anyone at the table, but played in a high stakes illegal 10K buy-in poker game with known criminals. Good thing all the evidence was taken by Russians who murdered the shit out of everyone and split town. Frank and Danny, who know no jurisdiction and will pursue people to the end of the earth, just let it go and laugh about the grandpa’s illegal activity over a glass of scotch.

I still watch the show, and in spite of the glaring hypocrisy I have moments where I like all of them. I guess I should say, it’s the writers of the show who paint things in a ridiculous fashion.


Do mean in the way that Chest day is probably training your triceps and delts too, so you probably dont need 3 more direct arm days in the week?