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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


You Joke but when I was in my late teens I literally thought I needed to do Arnold’s exact workout plan and volume to grow. I only trained once a day, though, so I had to do his AM and PM sessions i my single session. Needless to say I was in the gym for hours. I also didn’t grow particularly much during that phase. Weird that huh?


Confession: my friend has added cigarettes to his pot addiction. The dude is slowly killing himself and I can’t stop him…


The older you get, the more true this will be of your peer group, family and friends.

Alternatively, hedonism is as rational approach to living as asceticism if you are fundamentally a nihilist.


It could be worse. He could be smoking cigars and inhaling after his wife emotionally manipulated him into giving up cigarettes.


I love that interview with a 100+ vegetarian / vegan (I forget which) where all he has to say is ‘It wasn’t worth it’.


Please, no one do this.


Yeah, it really sucks.


In contrast to smoking cigars properly, which is a true pleasure.


I’ve only ever inhaled cigars…


Sweet Jesus.


As do I.

Otherwise, what is the purpose?


I guess to signal that you like to suck on brown, long, thick things? :man_shrugging:t2:


Talking about a friend, natch.


Well, the pot wasn’t killing him. But the cigarettes will.


BBCs (big brown cigars) are SUCH a treat.


Call me crazy but doesn’t pot have more of the bad carcinogen type stuff in it??? I have no idea where I heard this…


You heard it where I heard it - in every drug abuse and peer pressure seminar we went through in school. Besides the fact that burning plant matter is an irritant to the throat and lungs, pot is very low risk. Some people are more affected by the psychoactive effects than others, so it’s not for everyone, but there are exactly zero recorded deaths from pot, and it’s not linked to cancer either.


That just sounds like the pot calling the cigarettes cancerous.


I mean, the dude is baked every day; but he didn’t add cigarettes to his repertoire until at least December…hooked just like that. A shame. I went through nicotine addiction, and I’ve been quit for 6 months. Shit is hard.


Which is true.