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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I think it sounds worse. It’s like saying “that’s my bitch”.


I think that’s unfairly belittling to secretaries. To me ‘secretary’ sounds like, ‘personal assistant’ and its probably how, if asked, a secretary would describe their job.


It’s s stupid distinction to make people fee more important than they are, nothing more.


Not if I think of secretaries as administrative assistants.


Completely bamboozled me there until I reread your previous comment and realised you thought personal assistant sounded worse than secretary, rather than visa versa as I originally thought.


Awesome weight loss plan…


Lol honestly I don’t even know what PA does. I’m not familiar with that job title.


Conversations like this make me glad I work in the most politically incorrect office in the planet


Kinda like all the folks that are “powerlifters” who have never been in a meet, or bodybuilders that never stepped on stage, because god forbid they just be guys who lift weights.


Yeah it’s probably a lot different in Wales.


Welsh people be like DAMN, you see that hot new secretary?


I’m like 90% sure I’m getting catfished on a dating app, but I’m playing along because I’ve got nothing going on


Oh Shit … Now you done it!
Waiting for the out cry from others calling you a elitists weight room snob!


I just like that he did something humerus.


I feel like we’ve had that conversation before…

I identify as a dude who lifts weights. I really think that Planet Fitness commercial captures my feelings about the subject the best.

I pick things up and put them down.



something a male shouldn’t worry about if they cant even fill out a medium T shirt


Speaking of tshirts. My (XL weeps) Neversate “die.EMPTY” tshirt was spotted out in the streets but some girl.

She pulled me up and asked if this was some reference to paintball (as in “die” with no paint balls left in your gun lol).

This is my favourite t-shirt, I have three of them. I can’t look at them the same now hahaha

@Alpha, might get a chuckle out of this.


There was a big oak tree getting cut down at my neighbors across the street on Tuesday , so I thought “Yay! Free firewood!” and they dropped a truckload in my driveway.

Enthusiasm got me part way into it, and the last 36 hrs. have been straight pain. I smacked a log today with my maul and I swear my soul left my body by way of my vagina.

But I do have a nice new log to carry around the yard and stuff now!


I find it odd when a rank beginner complains they don’t feel they have enough volume in their program. What are they basing their assumption on? Their own vast extensive knowledge and experience ? What criteria are they using as a actual measuring stick?


“I want to be as big as The Rock and I read he trains for three hours a day six days a week so I should be training for at least that long.”