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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


What’s the difference ?


Is that even a question?


70lbs of ass fat.


I’ll bite: I’ll take the arsehole, please.


That’ll get you kicked right off the bed.


I knew as soon as I posted it that it was the wrong expression to use


Well yeah there is that overlooking that she also has probably the bigger slong :astonished:


When you’ve been dieting like crazy for the past two months and you get this message from your coach




Is that a real question? I’d eat scrambled eggs out of a women’s asshole before suckin a dick.


I’m not gonna eat that many calories because I don’t want to spoil at least two weeks of dieting in a weekend lol, but lemme check that video out after training so I can maybe grab a few ideas from it :smirk:


Moved in with my grandma for a few months in middle school, and in her son’s old bedroom (my uncle), found about 50 issues of Maxim. I guess it’s about every month of all four years of high school. Little weird to imagine my uncle had them before I did honestly.


Yeah I was going to say that. You’ll find that, as you get deep into the dieting hole, that even when you cheat you’re still sort of thinking in diet mode.

I’ve been cutting for the last month or so and had my first free day yesterday. I had 2 bacon rolls for breakfast and a pizza for dinner, but the rest of the day I just did meat and rice. Pretty respectable, really.

It’s when I’m in full-on bulk mode that my cheat days get disgusting.


You know what, my issue is that my diet is actually over after this week, and paradoxically that makes me think, “I have to avoid going too much overboard because I won’t get a chance to make up for it if I mess up.” Btw if you want to see how my cut went, you can check out my log. I forgot to tag you as well yesterday.

You know, if I were to get back to my diet after this weekend that’d be a thing, but knowing I’ll be at a calorie surplus for the next two months after it makes me want to watch those calories.

… Oh Wait, did you just say bacon rolls? Never had one. Think it’s time to.


Just remembered something worse your wife could attempt to do


If I could get over the amount of hair men grow on their ass…maybe. The way the male gooch area is crafted, I just…can’t not focus on that. Like the attachment of the balls to the area of skin just before the butthole. Reminds me of a ZipLoc bag…I just…:rofl:


Whenever someone says “you have to try everything at least once”, I like to use examples like this.


I saw, man. You did really well!


How is this even a question? Eating ass is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Edit: Although the conversation has moved on to cheat meals I stand by my statement.


But they poop out of there. :cry: