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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II

Isn’t that what you would call acting professional?

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Calculus is a very difficult subject. At my university we have different engineering specialisations and I believe that the ones with the best results there are the budding practical physicists and they sport a 60% pass on the first attempt, while some programs have 15%. Don’t beat yourself up about missing it, just work hard & smart. When it comes to calculus knowing the right theorem, definitions, and rules to apply can sometimes make what’s a two page rote calculation into a two-liner description of what rules apply from which the answer can be intuited.

You’ll need to do a lot of exercises (get a solutions manual if you don’t have it), use wolfram alpha (get pro for the step-by-step solution feature), use Khan Academy for lectures and automatically generated exercises and use Anki cards or something else to practice your definitions and theorems. It might possibly be the course that you take that’ll require the most amount of effort and work while simultaneously possibly being something you’ll never need again.

Edit: get one more calculus book too. If it’s not the course literature you can usually get one through the library since no-one will be interested in loaning it anyway. This is to read the same definitions in a different language. Which one is your assigned literature? I recommend Spivak pretty much regardless.


I agree, practice is key- at least in my calc classes, there’s only so much variation

Although that might be hard to implement…
For me personally, there’s an inverse relationship between the amount of math required and enjoyment

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nothing really. what we’re doing is simple enough that we aren’t required to even have a book. we can just study from our teacher’s lectures (they are uploaded online). exercises include stuff like, given a set or function, say if it’s bounded, or if it has a maximum or minimum point, and stuff like that. not rocket science really. yet i was able to only get 6 answers right in the test and 4 wrong. the ones i got wrong, after looking at the solutions, were within my reach definitely. but still, does it really matter that i might have been able to solve them, given that this time i wasn’t?

is it worth it? i’ve been thinking about giving it a try.

Adams + Spivak + Wolfram Alpha Pro + Hard work = passing grade.

What that’s worth to you is for you to decide. If I’d have to be skimpish I’d only go for Adams Calculus since you have no assigned reading (and a solutions manual). It’s easier than Spivak but they complement each other.

I passed with top marks in calculus 1 & 2, I would not have been able to do this without wolfram alpha.

By happenstance I came across a forum post when CT talked about what I assume is the same thing back in September. Not that long ago, sure, but it does predate the article a fair bit Singles Training - Need Advice

How many people who have to take calculus ever use it again in their life? I don’t even know what calculus is.

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From what I’ve heard, this is common to many freshmen, so you’re not alone.

It’s a part of growing up. Don’t become one of those people whose sense of self-worth is tied to a specific quality they believe they possess.


People who work in the sciences do.

I confess that I believe being an online coach is most likely a poor choice of profession if you dislike receiving stupid questions.


You could argue that no job that has you interact with anyone is the right job if you don’t like stupid questions


Oh for certain. Which is why it’s weird to decide to pursue such a career given the aversion.

My grandpa wrote for money. I saw that was like. I wanted none of that, so I work for money and write for free.

One thing I’ve been wondering about, if I may ask you, is: what field do you work in?

Why are people mentally masturbating about reps, studies and all that shit when a human being has already reached 300lbs RIPPED while eating fucking grits? It’s so absurd it’s mind-blowing.


This made me LOLOL:

I confess that I would love for Nuckols to jump in and have a “respectful” discussion in that thread…


I also have this reaction when I see people eating grits.


Jesus Christ they’re acting like motor unit recruitment can’t be TRAINED. It’s all ass backwards. And who the fuck is Chris Beardsley? Did he play football for England?


What’s wrong with grits?

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I didn’t read because I don’t care; it’s all mental masturbation anyway imo.

Mind muscle connection for the win.

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If they’d just do 531.