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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II

He knows more than I do, and I don’t doubt that he’s right about most of it, I just think we see this overflow of knowledge being thrown at people and they spend so much time thinking about all this “optimizing” shit that they forget to just work. That’s probably why CT is great for pro athletes - they’ve already done the work, now he can optimize their approach. For beginners and most people, it’s too much.


I feel that way all the time.

A large % of people could read one or 2 books on the subject and be set.

Thanks man. It was hard. I guess really at that time it was training that kept me going on.

I guess some coaches/programs have more appeal to some people. Just like I never did 5/3/1 and that’s the only program I never tried I give to my trainees because you just cannot ignore the positive returns. I’ll defy try it someday though

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I watched Westside vs The World and got bored after 20 mins so I turned it off and rewatched Shogun’s Assassin. It was Louie’s fault.


I gave it a watch a couple days ago. I think the gist of it was: We’re all a bunch of A-holes to eachother and can’t figure out why people keep leaving the gym.


Today is crap. Got a chest infection, missed a heavy triple, and I’m 1kg heavier.
So blow it. I’m having a peanut butter sandwich and some beer!!!


Ironically from allot of former members have said, they were told to make the guy next to them better than themselves .

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make it a Guinness


I hate the stuff. Which is odd as I’m a rugby man. Usually the black stuff is kind of a given for us!

Make it a burger

Like tough love taken to a sadistic level.

I also got the vibe of “You can go anywhere you want. Your records stay here.”.

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@dagill2 @carlbm



Well I never said that those guys were the most mentally stable


Nah. None of them would.

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I may have completed it. But Louie had to bring up Shogun Assassin in the first 5mins. You can’t remind me of the film series that started the Samurai Splatter Flick genre in Japan and expect me to watch a bunch of angry men squatting in suits.


My only Nephew who lives out of state just entered 8th grade yesterday. Based on the pic I saw ( not sure if i should post it even with his face edited out)… he needs to spend the summer with Uncle Dog and his older cousin.

Of course my view point is jaded…


I feel your pain. My son has no desire to lift or exercise, except bouncing on the trampoline. I will give him this though, he has some hellacious glutes and legs :rofl:

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A pool was accidentally brought to my attention on one of my projects and it would be wrong if I participated, considering it’s a pool to guess how bad someone did. Although, being the competitive person I am, I threw my name on the white board as John Galt. Since people are afraid of me finding out, they don’t talk about it in front of me… however, I’ve heard numerous people say ‘who is John Galt?’


I confess that I am so bad at lifting I can’t even cheat right.

Specifically, when I put on a deadlift suit, I deadlift LESS than when I don’t wear one.

I left the whole disasterous set-up and execution in tact so people can watch me fumblef**k through straps and set up just to not even be able to break a pull off the mats.

Perhaps the issue is that it is almost fall, and that I should be eating FAR more pumpkins in order to get the benefits of being a cheater cheater…

EDIT: Actually, let me save my failure with a bit of cuteness. I could NOT get the strap on my left side on to save my life, so I ended up coming in from the garage and asking my kid if they could give me a hand. Completely unphased by my lunacy, they paused their cartoons, strapped the velcro together on my shoulder and went back to the TV. I can’t imagine the conversations in the cafeteria where it’s like “What: you don’t help YOUR dad put on his deadlift suit?”