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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II

Confession: It’s been hot as fuck in Denver and tomorrow morning I’ll be lifting in my garage. I’ve never lifted butt naked so decided I’m about to do it.

I’m gotta make sure I clean the floor though because tomorrow is Squats, and every time I squat I think my dick will touch the floor. Should be interesting getting that nice breeze while I squat.


I am shocked that you do not have the appropriate bulldog pic/gif/meme for this. Shocked.

I used to lift in just briefs pretty regularly, and naked quite a few times too. Very freeing. I called it “ultra raw”. Never squatted naked though, I feel like I’d need everything “kept out the way”

One of my wife’s favorite scenes in a movie… had it directed at me several times.

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look again

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Whenever someone says they are going to train naked I can tell the knurling on their barbell is dull.

It’s 115 heat index in my garage man. Wear some clothes. It makes you tougher.





After some detective work I found it. But thanks for the link.
And I got to say 100% agree.
I’m a long standing sufferer of metal health issues. And its not a joke. Depression kills people. And to joke about that is just sick. Its like joking about having cancer or the like. Sure being pissed at the body you got is shit. AND body dis-morphia is real. But I got to say this guy screams “I NEED ATTENTION” not “I need help”.


Yep…Like you I have dealt with it personally. So im not going to be at all sympathetic toward him. I agree with the I need attention part.

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I’ve got a new bar with center knurl and squatted shirtless for 50+ reps yesterday and it was not fun.

I’ve also worked out naked. Kinda fun

Try it with a yoke and report back, haha.

I wear boxers for the freedom except when I train. If I’m going to be moving around then I wear boxer briefs or compression shorts. I like to limit unwanted movement.

Can you imagine performing a power clean???


So my wife started to do weights again.

Last night she squatted 20kg for 3 sets of 5 and now ever other word of her mouth is “legs” and the other is “hurt”.

I should be proud of her. But honestly - I married a wimp.

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Wait…how can every other word be both “legs” and “hurt”?

Are you saying she’s speaking in tongues?

Normally it takes 10x10 to do that.

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You can speak after 10x10?

It’s just the f word, but I say it a LOT.


“Food”, right?

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Right number of letters at least.

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No its just “leg” - then “hurt” - then “legs” and then “hurt”.

To be fair it got tiresome so I went up stairs. For some reason she’s not followed me…