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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II

You would think I would proof read better

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In your defense, sometimes my phone posts what IT wants to! Despite turning all that crap off, it still does it.

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You’re probably a great driver by Italian standards lol


You’re most likely right… I always get upset by the atrocities that I witness every day on the road. People not giving way, misusing the signaling, entering or waiting at the roundabouts according to rules that are unbeknownst to the universe… In that sense, I consider myself to be a pretty good driver.

But yeah, then there’s the stuff that I talked about in my previous post.

(Btw, Italian people think the same of you guys, because “manual is better”)

I think some people have better spatial awareness in a car than others.

I am much more comfortable doing a left turn parking than a right turn parking. I feel that I am much more aware of my surroundings doing a left turn parking than a right turn parking.

Everyone makes mistakes. I’ve made a right turn and scraped a parking pillar because I was too busy paying attention to the pedestrians on the other side.

I agree though- expensive cars seem pointless. It’s far too easy to ding it up. It won’t even be your fault too. My car has a ton of dings on the sides because people open their car door and apparently don’t care about the car parked next to them. I’m pretty sure my car has scratches from people hitting it with shopping carts too.

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Just stick with something dependable that you can buy. And by buy, I mean in its entirety. Don’t borrow money to do it. That’ll also probably keep you from buying something fancy and tearing it up.


This happened to me a few months ago :frowning:

The way I view it if someone is not knowledgeable enough to see results in their own training . They have no business being paid as a personal trainer or coach.

This may be a repeat confession: When I look at other people’s logs, their weights seem heavier/more impressive, even if the numbers are the same…for example I read that someone squats 315, their 315, in reading, seems heavier and more impressive than my 315. I don’t know why this is

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Low self esteem maybe?

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I looked at your journal and I’m jealous of your deadlift numbers!

Ha, not typically!

There’s a “trainer” at my gym that scares the shit out of me. Always rockin a sleeveless shirt, headband, 2 diamond earrings, and the lankiest pair of arms you ever did see. Wouldn’t care about the size of his arms if he wasn’t always walking around flexing them taking selfies. He walks up to the bench while I’m doing some CGBP one day, loads up 185, unracks it, bounces the weight off his chest and spends the next ten seconds grinding it up inch by inch, rocking back and forth and lifting his ass in the air. A couple inches short of lockout, he slams it back onto the pins, gets up, walks over to where some of the other trainers, and pretty much yells, “TOLD YOU I COULD BENCH 185”. At this point I thought he was just a front desk employee at the gym, but I saw him training someone the next day.


In my defence, I did tell you I could bench 185


Be more scared for the people he “trains”


I worded that weirdly but that’s exactly what I’m afraid of. I’m not trying to be mean, but I could give a shit what that dude does to himself provided he doesn’t die or paralyze himself.

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And to think idiots like him get paid and can claim they are trainers! :triumph:

Works both ways as well. I’ve known a trainer or two who pull 650+ at 181 or rep out 400 benches but can’t teach or coach worth a damn.

That’s true also. I have known many like that also.