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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I find it amusing on line when some twit who might be able to bench 135 wants to argue the merits of a given strength approach.


I confess that natural stone loading while wearing a grip shirt is one of the stupidest things my sport has come up with.

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Did someone say natural stones?

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I’ve been teaching my kids about taxes by eating some of their French fries when we bring home food for them. Not much to the lesson other than I exclaim TAX TIME, TIME TO PAY YOUR TAX in my old English ruler voice, they then fork over a few fries each and go upon there way.

Do you think the government gets as happy as I do when I collect taxes?


If you want to be accurate then you need to take the chips, eat some, give some to your wife, ypiss on some, give some to birds outside then chew a few up before waiting 12 months then giving them back to your kid.


My husband and I got into a rather dumb argument. We were play wrestling, and I more or less jabbed him in the man hood area. Accidentally. And I just stood over him while he was curled up in a ball.

Him: “What the hell was that?!?”
Me: “You’ll be fine”
Him: “Women have no idea what it feels like to get kicked in the balls.”
Me: “…I could only imagine…you poor thing…it’s not like you involuntarily bleed from one of your orifices every month for 3-7 days. ”

We have been not talking to each other for the rest of the afternoon/night.

And I say this confidently:
Hit in the nuts < periods.


It’s a lot funnier too(getting kicked in the nuts).

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But does a period result in a supra max heart rate? Sports Science did a study and the dude’s heart rate was >240 bpm if I recall correctly. That goes against all of the science, especially the equations that claim max heart rate is 220 - age.

And I think it’s a tough comparison. The pain of getting hit in the junk is more painful than your period; however, it only lasts a short time. Prolonged pain at a lower level could definitely be worse since there’s no relief, but it’s tough to say it’s more painful.

And I give you the ultimate man’s argument about who hurts more. Child birth is always used as the ultimate pain example. A man would never choose to be hit in the junk; however, women choose to get pregnant even after experiencing the awful pains of labor. :laughing:

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That’s not what men who drive with their windows down while blasting Coldplay are telling me.


You’ve begun a war.

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Thank you for providing the excuse to post this (again):


Yeah, but have you guys tried existential pain?


Yeeesssss. Let the war begin!!!


I suppose I could digress. Just a smidge though. A smiiiiiidge.

Not everyone’s periods are bad. Hell, some don’t even get cramps or anything. But for arguments sake, let’s take the worst ball busting kick to the nads, up against the worst cases of red rapids. I’m talking nausea, Hell-sent cramps, headaches, and all the Typical PMS stuff.

Still think periods have kick to the nuts beat. Only because it’s prolonged. As you’ve mentioned.

Pregnancy, mmmmm, i would say just measuring pain. Not consent or lacktherof of said pain.


Labor pains win. My wife was hallucinating on our last one.


I tell my wife to imagine her ovaries were outside of her body in a meat sack.

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The solution to this is simple: choose not to have that pain. (that’s code for: stop existing)


I think I’d rather get a swift kick in the nuts every four weeks than have periods. It’s nice to have neither, though.

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Reverse solipsism eh? A risky gambit.


Dude, where did your nuts go?