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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


What does the rest of the family eat?


I have to know, is that plate followed by eggs fried in the grease? Because that’s the only right way to do it.


For the record Sunday mornings are the only time I eat like that.


Sorry… We use a clean non stick skillet for eggs .


Heheh, you’re missing out, but I understand. Nothing beats sunny side up eggs cooked by flipping the bacon grease up on top of the eggs. I’m sure your way is infinitely healthier, though.


Well… I think the bacon kinda null and voids the healthy aspect of Sunday breakfast. :smirk:


Just tell people you’re keto… if only for a meal.


It genuinely didn’t cross my mind that this could be a portion for more than one person.


Finally found the pipe to make my axle. Got it all fixed up, along with my mini fat dumbbell handles :joy:


Nothing like a big pipe or a fat handle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Double meaning there by chance?


You know me too well, my friend.


love how newbies will spend huge amount on supplements monthly. But balk at the notion of spending a dime on a relative cheap book on expanding their knowledge on actual training.


They may also spend a lot of money on take out food but balk at spending goood money on real food like good steak !!


I know right! It’s just too bad they are so rare, and difficult to find :wink:


Those individuals loose sight that supplements are ment to boost and fill in any possible gaps in someone’s nutrition . Not be the center of it.


There is no replacement for a good steak


Avocado toast is killing the millennial generation.


This is a t-shirt in the making.


I feel personally attacked by this :joy:

I was this guy to a ‘T’ in my early 20s